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Experienced educator and athlete Peter Merrill, who was determined to produce a catalyst for change and growth in the Canadian academic and athletic system, founded the Hill Academy in 2006. The Hill Academy believes that the unique academic and athletic programs provide a distinctive learning platform for academic excellence, high performance athletics, and personal growth.

A Unique School – The Hill Academy provides a uniquely balanced academic and athletic platform designed to enable dedicated student-athletes to achieve the next level. From the athletic program to the academic program to the guidance department to the strength and conditioning program, everything is fully integrated.

Individual Attention – The Hill Academy provides academic and athletic programs tailored to each individual based on assessments and goals of the student-athlete.

Disciplined Environment – The Hill Academy provides disciplined, challenging programming, and complementary training, in a positive, respectful and healthy environment.

Life Long Learning – The Hill Academy provides educational and athletic situations that will form the bases for life long learning.

Leadership – The Hill Academy provides opportunities for student-athletes to learn leadership skills, teamwork and personal responsibility.

The Meaning of H I L L

Highest Level of Achievement

The academic and athletic programs are established to encourage, challenge, and motivate student athletes to achieve their own highest level.


I Independent thought

The Hill student athlete is taught to make decisions and to work through his/her academics and athletics independently. Support will be provided on an ongoing basis with the goal of preparation for “the next level”.


L  Leadership

The Hill student athlete will be given the opportunity to develop and improve leadership skills. These skills can be applied throughout the student athlete’s life.


L  Legacy

The Hill student athlete will be shown the value and given many opportunities to leave every point of contact “a better place”.