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The Hill Academy is based on the concept that Sport is a Laboratory for life. Our student athletes are immersed in a transformational program, using all the positive elements of sport in an academic environment to build paths for future short and long term success in school, athletics, and life in general. All members of The Hill Academy community; student athletes, their families, as well as highly qualified staff, in a nurturing environment, all dedicated to the H I L L culture, make up a dynamic and effective platform for foundational individual growth and development.

Peter Merrill, Founder

 About The Hill Academy

The Hill Academy was founded in 2006 in order to provide optimal academic and athletic programming for dedicated student-athletes. Hill graduates have been placed in some of the most prestigious academic and athletic institutions in the world, and many have gone on to become premier professional athletes in their sport. The Hill Academy is an institution for students who are committed to striving academically, and who would like an opportunity to take an in-depth exploration into their respective sport.


The Hill Academy provides academic and athletic programs tailored to each individual based on assessments and goals of the student-athlete.



The Hill Academy provides a disciplined and challenging program, with a high level of care and accountability. All of which is constructed in a positive, respectful and healthy environment.



The Hill Academy provides educational and athletic situations that will form the bases for life long learning.



The Hill Academy provides opportunities for student-athletes to learn leadership skills, teamwork and personal responsibility.

Reaching Your Highest Level of Achievement





Hill academic and athletic programs are established to encourage, challenge, and motivate student-athletes to reach their own HIGHEST LEVEL level of achievement.

Hill student-athletes are taught to make decisions and to work through his/her academics and athletics INDEPENDENTLY.  Support will be provided on an ongoing basis with the goal of preparation for “the next level”.

The Hill student-athlete will be given the opportunity to develop and improve LEADERSHIP skills. These skills can be applied throughout the student athlete’s life.

The Hill student-athlete will be shown the value of legacy, and will be provided with many opportunities to leave a positive LEGACY at every point of contact.

Meet Our Academic Team

Christy Flynn

Secondary School Principal

Greg Beasley

English/Social Science

Jake Cook


Courtney McCracken

English/Social Science

Tory Merrill

Junior School Principal

Vince Bruni


Jennifer Languay

Social Science

Drorit Weiss


Kyle Kallay

Director of Guidance

Andrew Collins

Social Science

Luc Magnan


Travis Wight

English/Social Science

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