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Brett Ritchie 

Member of Dallas Stars, 2012 Second Round Dallas Stars Draft Pick, 2013 Team Canada World Junior Member, 2014 Calder Cup Champion
Hill Varsity Hockey Program 2007- 2011

“The Hill was instrumental in getting me to where I am today. There are so many aspects of the school that helped mold me as a student, athlete, and as a person.

The Hill was a great advantage for me as a young hockey player. Getting the opportunity to train on and off the ice everyday with a dedicated coaching staff provided me with the upper hand on the rest of the kids around Ontario. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to better myself in ways that the rest of my competition didn’t have available to them.

Being in the gym everyday and working with Coach Noble is an aspect that had a huge impact on my game even today. He helped me build a foundation and a knowledge for off ice preparation which is an integral part of the game. Being exposed to this at a younger age was key for me in that I was always one step ahead. I remember going to my first OHL training camp and seeing all my fellow draftees nervous and unsure of what to expect, where as I felt comfortable and confident knowing that I had already been exposed to the majority of that material for 2 years prior.

The lifestyle at the Hill is as close to a pro environment as you will find. The amount of effort and detail put into a single training day at the Hill is very comparable to what I’ve become used to through my junior career and now the start of my pro career. I am always amazed when I come back to the Hill at the end of a season and hop in on a few workouts with the students, to see the fitness level and the compete that is shown. It is not a coincidence why so many former Hill student athletes have gone on to be so successful in their crafts, and I’m sure this won’t change for years to come!”

Kevin Guiltinan

Harvard University
Hill Prep Hockey Program 2011-2012

“There are many things about my experience at The Hill Academy that made my success possible. From the support network of teachers, coaches, teammates, house dons and everyone else involved in the H.I.L.L. way, there was never a time that I felt alone or out of place. Not many schools can provide an atmosphere in which students are legitimately excited for the challenges and opportunities that The Hill provides. The moment I stepped on the ice at The Hill, a learning process began. However, the environment off the ice fostered success as well. Surrounded by individuals all striving for excellence, I was driven to grow as a person and as a student- athlete. Every day I woke up to an environment where everybody truly cared for each other and wanted nothing but the best.

The thing that I took away from my experience at The Hill was not just an expansion of the H.I.L.L acronym, but rather a way to prepare myself for success. One quote that came to define my Hill experience was “With great opportunity comes great responsibility.” A major part of this was time management. Moving to a new school and a new home is not easy. I quickly came to the realization that it is vital to have a plan and I believe this learning experience effectively put me one step ahead of my peers, preparing me for success in any environment. Many individuals whom I have met during my year of junior hockey and my time here at school simply do not know how to balance the demands of being a student athlete. They constantly find themselves late for meetings, cramming for tests, pulling all nighters for assignments and effectively limiting their abilities. At The Hill, the small class size means each and every student is forced to engage in the learning experience and push themselves to the full extent of their abilities. All of the staff teach students time management skills, and in doing so prepare them for success.

In retrospect, going to The Hill was undoubtedly the best possible use of my senior year of high school and helped to prepare me for success in academics and athletics. Ultimately, just being in a setting in which everyone was striving for and achieving excellence brought out the best characteristics in myself. The life skills, values, relationships, and great times I had at The HIll enabled me to take steps toward my future that would have been impossible in any other environment. The last “L” of the H.I.L.L acronym stands for legacy, and I can truly say that The Hill has left a lifelong legacy with me.”

Callon Williams

Binghamton University
Hill Women’s Lacrosse Team 2011- 2013

“My experience at the Hill prepared me in many ways for life at college. I was able to go into fall ball and fitness testing with the upmost confidence in my abilities, a testimony to Coach Noble’s training program. There is no greater feeling than being an incoming freshman who can contest with upperclassmen on your team in lift testing as well as on the field. As for lacrosse, the coaches did an awesome job of developing me as a player, both on and off the field, enabling me to be an impact player from day one – something that they always had as a goal set for me. The most critical thing I took away from the Hill was my time management skills. The transition into college was so easy because I was already accustomed to the routine of practicing, lifting and having class during the week, that I was not overwhelmed like most college freshman are. Most importantly, it prepares you for many bumps in the road that you will encounter and how to deal with them. Many of the lessons I learned at The Hill and skills I was taught, I continue to use a base for my every day challenges and successes here in college.”

Travis Comeau

Georgetown University ’13
The Hill Academy Lacrosse Team 2007-2009

“One of the most impulsive and best decisions I have ever made in my life was to attend the Hill Academy. I didn’t know what to expect at first but upon my arrival and within the first week I knew I couldn’t have been in a better place to reach my goals. The environment at the Hill is like none other I’ve experienced in my life, the positive, hardworking, family atmosphere allowed me to excel both academically and athletically, but more importantly provided a foundation for me to build a strong character. I can testify that attending the Hill academy is not a short-term investment of your time. Looking back on my experience at The Hill, most of what allows me to succeed today stems from my development and growth as a person while I was there. As an alumni, I can reflect and recognize that the Hill was the reason I was able to attend and be successful both academically and athletically at one of the top division 1 schools in the U.S. Now that I have graduated from Georgetown University I credit much of my success to the qualities I learnt at the Hill academy due to the emphasis they put on hard work, perseverance, and integrity in everything that you do. I still reminisce on my experience and know that because of the way the Hill lifestyle and atmosphere shaped me I will have the tools to face challenges in both the real world and everyday life. Not to mention I had the time of my life with a group of people I still to this day consider family!”

Tait Seguin

London Knights, OHL
The Hill Academy Prep Hockey Team 2011-2012

“My experience at The Hill Academy was a major factor in helping me prepare and reach the ‘Next Level’. The Hill provides an atmosphere that really pushes you to reach your full potential, and to never settle for anything less. Whether its academics or athletics, being a Hill student teaches you to be your absolute best in everything you do. The Hill staff have designed an environment that incorporates key characteristics into the students life styles such as hard work, discipline, and respect. My experience there was beyond beneficial as it got me a lot more closer to accomplishing my dreams and goals. It was an experience that I was very fortunate to have, and something that has, and always will positively affect me for the rest of my life.”


Parent Testimonials

“The Hill Academy has done a fantastic job of creating a culture of discipline, effort, accountability, and pride that is apparent in the classroom as well as on the field. The excellence that their teams display on the rinks and fields is a by-product of that culture. It’s the kind of school I would have loved to attend as a young athlete and what a pleasure it is to see your child genuinely excited about education.”

– Brian Shanahan


“The Hill Academy has not only provided our son, Matthew, with a wonderful educational experience, but the Hill has also supported his passion for hockey. Matthew has always said that he wished he could attend a school where the teachers understood how much hockey means to him. He was always an honor student, but was often frustrated when his teachers didn’t support him when he was away for hockey tournaments. The Hill on the other hand, has a program to accommodate a student athlete so they can achieve their academic goals while pursuing their passion for a sport. The Hill has brought Matthew’s academic performance to a new level. He is motivated to go to school everyday because his schedule incorporates both academics and hockey as well as off ice training specific to hockey. Matthew has many academic and athletic accomplishments this school year that evidence the Hill’s commitment to student-athletes. The Hill provides him with “everything” in one place. He has grown and matured in so many ways and this is a true testament to the leaders at the Hill Academy. Thank you for your investment in our son!”

– Phil and Christine Lane


“The Hill Academy shaped and guided our son, Jake, from his transition of a teenager to his young adulthood due to the instilment of their core values which are discipline, hard work, respect, teamwork. It also gave him the foundation to strengthen himself both physically and emotionally. Most importantly he has made great friends who we know will be there to support each other in years to come. Good job to everyone at the Hill! Best of luck to all of you in your coming years. Make sure you save a spot for our grandchildren!”

-The Wilkinson Family