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H.I.L.L. Announcement

Year 14 has been off to a great start and that is a testament to the student-athletes who are coming to school everyday excited and ready to learn and grow. We are excited for what this group will be able to accomplish this school year. 

Recently we finalized a significant development for the future of The Hill Academy. We present this news with great pride and excitement. Over the past 14 years, the culture, philosophy, and programming has been effective and rewarding for students, staff, and all involved with The Hill Academy. 

We have been searching for a campus that will accommodate our planned continual growth, while providing an optimal environment for student-athletes. We are pleased to announce that we now have an amazing campus to call our own that aligns with our culture and set of school standards. The school will transition to the new campus for the 2020-2021 school year starting in September.  

Before describing the campus, we must highlight that we understand there will be many questions and concerns. We are available to provide a continual forum for these questions and concerns. However, we are confident that for most of our families this news will bring excitement and anticipation.  

We would like to emphasize that this does not diminish the importance of this current year. Our staff is focused on ensuring the best possible growth and development for all of our current student- athletes. In addition, we have sincere appreciation for The Sports Village and its staff. They have been important partners throughout the years and provide a great environment for our student- athletes.  

About the campus: 

We have acquired a beautiful, picturesque site in the hills of Caledon, Ontario. 

The campus sits on 134 acres of beautifully forested land; it has state of the art academic and athletic facilities, hiking trails, a private lake and lake house, a log cabin student centre, and room for future expansion.   

The students will have access to comprehensive high performance training equipment, nutritional in house meal planning, a turf field, and beautiful boarding facilities.  

 Academically, our teachers will be able to expand our students’ learning experiences beyond the confines of a classroom to really take advantage of all the property has to offer. The campus will be an experience in itself! 

We are here to work with you to create a plan so that your child will have a positive transition and will only benefit from this move. The school is about 45 minutes from designated pick-up locations in Oakville and Vaughan, 35 minutes from pick-up points in Mississauga and Guelph, and 30 minutes from Pearson airport.   

There will be 60 plus full and part time residence spots available. This will include an on-site residence program for families looking to avoid commuting and for students who will thrive in an immersive environment.

If you have questions and would like to meet with us in person, we will be hosting a question and answer session at The Sports Village on Tuesday, November 5th from 4pm-6pm. 

In addition, there will be tours conducted at our new campus, as well as an opening celebration. These dates will be announced and communicated.  

Year 1 at our new campus will be special and we hope you will be a part of it! 


The Merrill Family

For More Information:We encourage you to click the following link for more information about the campus, including video footage and photos. 
The Hill Academy Campus

Life at the Hill and Upcoming Events.

Monday Assembly

Students are to meet in the gym at 8:40 for a Monday morning assembly. Students are to be prepared with their journals and a writing utensil. 

Ontario University Application Center:

If you are planning to apply to an Ontario University, the deadline for September 2020 applicants is January 15, 2020. Visit Ms Flynn for access to creating your own OUAC account. for more information. 

Wednesday November 6th is Take Our Kids to Work Day!

The Learning Partnership encourages all grade 9 students to participate in a job shadowing experience known as Take Our Kids to Work Day! Whether your grade 9 student is planning to participate in this event or not, please complete the attached permission form and return to before November 4th . More information about workplace health and safety, job shadowing selection or how to become a volunteer/sponsor for a job shadowing experience, visit the Learning Partnership and/or contact

Parent Portal Closed

Parent Portal will be closed from November 6th- November 11th for midterm reports. Midterm reports will be going out on November 11th. 

Halloween Activities

Last Thursday, the entire school participated in Halloween during lunchtime! Students were able to pie a teacher in the face, buy goods from the bake sale, and be a part of the catwalk to show off their costumes. All proceeds collected from the pie in the face and bake sale all went towards WOLF! It was great to see the all the students to come together and take part in the festivities! Congratulations to the top 3 costumes as well! Taking third place was the Super Mario Bros, taking second place was the VSCO Girls, and taking first place was Reese dressed as Georgie from IT!

Hill Lacrosse.

The news of the new campus brings great excitement for our school and lacrosse program. We are all pumped for the potential opportunities. From hosting more games/tournaments, to being able to walk to practice everyday; we’ve asked a lot of our students over the years and they will finally get what they deserve. It will be a place where our lacrosse players (past and present) can call home for many years to come!

From the weekend:

Our JV and Varsity teams attended the Tully Cornfield Classic. It was our 13th year attending the tournament and it remains to be one of my favourite days of the year. It truly represents fall lacrosse; brisk weather, beautiful foliage and sloppy lacrosse! It has always been a tournament that brings our teams closer together. I was encouraged to see some of our younger students compete at the varsity level!

Our prep team travelled to Detroit for some fall scrimmages as well. It was fun and productive for us to get an early feel for the level we will face in the spring time.

What we coach and appreciate:

-Team first approach
-Positive vibe and body language
-Knowing plays and executing the simple details
-Strong will and pushing through the adversities of the game

This is one of our busy stretches of the year. The students set themselves up for success when they remain focused on the daily details of preparation:  

  • High engagement in class. Try to get as much work done in the classroom
  • Do your homework right away. There should be less “idle time.”  Be productive in the free time you have.
  • Rest/Nutrition. Will help your mood and energy levels. Get to bed in single digits!
  • Enjoy the moment. Be present and remind yourself all there is a lot to be grateful for.

We continue to be in a relentless, competitive pursuit to become the best we can be!

Take some time to reflect on the weekend and the fall. Send your coach:

-Areas of improvement 
-Something you have admired in a teammate 


Coach Carly: Attack/Mids
Coach Tory:  Defense 


Attack:  Coach O’Connor
Midfield: Coach Kallay
Defense: Coach Acton


Attack:  Coach Cook
Midfield: Coach Petterson
Defensemen:  Coach Magnan/Hossack

All Goalies: Coach Kirk (

Hill Hockey.

Varsity Hockey:

Power Skating with Lisa Clark starts WednesdayStarting this upcoming Wednesday Lisa Clark will be coming into the school for power skating instruction for our students. Lisa has been teaching skating for over 25 years and has works with students in the GTA and surrounding area, from minor hockey all the way up to the NHL. Lisa focuses on teaching the technical side of skating, including working on improving balance and edges as well as eliminating wasted energy through bad technique. Lisa works to eliminate the natural tendency of players to slouch or crouch over and she does this through a series of unique drills designed to increase a player’s core strength and on ice stability.

Week in Review:

We had a productive week of practice but the main focus and challenge that I have given to our player moving forward is to start acting quicker. It is one thing to be able to move around the ice quickly but in order to have success especially as our students continue to move through the ranks they need to be able to act and think quickly as well. As  the game continues to get quicker and the players keep getting bigger each level that we climb our time and space with the puck gets taken away. Open seams are there for an instant and then gone, that extra stickhandle costs us a chance to create an opportunity and hesitation with the puck means we don’t get the shot off quick enough to beat the goalie. If football is a game of inches hockey is a game of milliseconds, in fact only a small few elite players in the NHL have the puck on their stick in the offensive for more than 60 seconds a game (I have included the article below).  What the do with that time is so important to their productivity and their teams success. We also need to begin thinking about how we are helping our team create offense when we don’t have the puck. As we continue to move along in practice our drills and small area games are going to be focused on moving and receiving pucks at a higher pace.

18-45 Practice Player of the Week
Jr. Varsity – Riley SorokanSr. Varsity – Josh Caloiero

U18 Prep Hockey:
It was an overall disappointing weekend and a wakeup call for the The Hill Academy U18 team this past weekend at The Beantown Classic in Marlborough, Massachusetts. A lack of defensive zone awareness and communication combined with minimal goal scoring faired difficult with the toughest schedule the team has faced up to this point. The Pride went 1-3 with losing scores of 10-6 to Fall Prep Selects, 5-1 to New Jersey Hitmen, and 5-1 to New Jersey Rockets; their lone win being a 6-0 victory against a weak Beantown Blue squad.  Although the dismay, this was no time feel sorry for themselves, rather a time to improve and ‘be better.’ This week of practice consisted breaking down and building back up in wake of a crucial weekend against St. Andrew’s College. Struggles and growth are part of sport at every level and the team rallied around an article that was close to home involving Alex Ovechkin giving a message to an under achieving Toronto Maple Leafs team. Highlighted quotes from this article were posted in the dressing and included: “And I think for them, they’re still young group of guys and I hope they’re going to learn but, again, it’s up to them how they want to do it: if they want to play for yourself, or if they want to win Stanley Cup, they have to play differently.” “It’s a process for young guys. Everybody in Toronto is in a rush all the time. I get it. But that’s not pro sport. That’s not real. You’ve got to keep building and building and building, and steady on the rudder. Keep going through things, and matchups, and learning to play with the lead, and learning how to be patient, not turn the puck over, and shift length, and all the things that you’re just a good player and you haven’t had to deal with. Well, you gotta deal with if you want to win in the National Hockey League. “He’s just talking about running, gunning, and not being able to play, The bottom line is you got to keep it out of your net. You’re not outscoring anybody at playoff time: you better defend then and your skill comes to the forefront. Is that not a fair assessment? Click HERE for the full article from The Star. 
PEI Itinerary


Hill Performance Training.

We have shifted into our second phase of our quality strength phase focusing on isometric contractions (timed holds under load). It is important especially at this phase to ensure our athletes have developed self-awareness of what kind of weight they should be working with. With a focus on longer holds, our rep range tends to be much lower so it imperative that our athletes are challenging themselves from a load perspective. Last reps should be difficult and if not, it’s important that they can self-regulate and move up in weight.
The final assignment for the midterm was due this past Friday. Students with past due assignments will be posted on their respective Google Classroom groups. It is of importance to have this assignment handed in and completed, as final mark input will be November 6th, after which a mark of zero will be awarded. 
This week we continued the theme of “Pass The Ball”. Coach Abes led the journal activity on Monday reflecting on last weeks personal goals. This week, students made accountability groups and worked on a group challenge they were to complete this week.