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H.I.L.L. Message

When students come to The Hill Academy, they are committing to a lifestyle. They are committing to focused academics, challenging athletics and training, as well as respectful behaviour and character development.
During exam week, maintaining this lifestyle will be challenging but it is extremely important. There is less structure to the student-athletes’ days, as they are only at the school in order to write their exams. It is important that they are being disciplined about their nutrition and sleep, and managing their time so that while studying they are able to keep their sticks in their hands or get in a quick work out. 

We can confidently say that working hard to manage this lifestyle will be worth it both short term and long term. Maintaining priorities, eliminating wasteful activities, and being a positive influence to classmates will reap significant rewards. This is what the “I” in the HILL is all about; making great choices when no one is watching.

Have a great week and good luck on your exams! “Run through the tape!” 

Life at the Hill and Upcoming Events.

Monday Assembly Students are to meet in the gym at 8:40 for a Monday morning assembly. Students are to be prepared with their journals and a writing utensil. 

Exam Schedule: Exams will begin at 9:00am and will typically end at 11:00am, unless the teacher advises the students otherwise. Buses will arrive at the same time in the morning (8:15am) and will depart at 12:00pm noon. No lunch plan will be available on exam days.

Students should arrive to their exam 15 minutes early, with the permitted materials and must be in uniform. Students who are more than 30 minutes late to an exam and who arrive out of uniform will not be permitted to write that day’s exam (Hill Academy track suits are permitted during exams). Students who are absent for an exam or culminating task must provide a doctor’s note or a zero will be recorded for that day’s exam.

The schedule for exams will go as follows:

Tuesday January 21- period  1 exam
Wednesday January 22 – period 2 exam
Thursday January 23 – period 3 exam
Friday January 24 – period 4 exam

Monday January 27th is a PD day. If exams are moved due to inclement weather, we reserve the right to schedule exams on that day so please do not make travel plans until exams are completed.

Guidance Meetings: Students who would like to use the exam period days to schedule guidance meetings are welcome. Course selection, university applications, literacy test questions, community involvement plans, graduation concerns, etc., please schedule a meeting by emailing: 

Tuesday, February 18th GRAD Photos (Grade 8, Grade 12, PG) & Missed School Photos Photos start at 8:30am with the grade 8’s going first on 2nd floor outside the office door. Please note: Students to wear collared dress shirt and tie for grad photos, girls; collared shirt. Students to wear Hill Polo shirts for missed photos. 

Dress Down Day – January 20th
Tomorrow, the final day of semester two before exams begin, there will be a school wide dress down day. Be sure to only be dressed in hill apparel, like other dress down days we have! Due to how well we raised money, awareness, and the amount of participation from the entire school for the Terry Fox Run that took place at the beginning of the year, the students have earned a dress down day! 

Bell Let’s Talk Day – January 28th
On January 28th, our first day of second semester we will be taking part in Bell Lets Talk Day. We hope to raise as much awareness and money as possible to join the conversation surrounding mental health. We hope students will be involved as this is a quiet issue that can impact everybody. Also, keep an eye out for The Hill social media with updates leading up to the day!

Hill Lacrosse.

This is a stage of year for our lacrosse program where you are able to detach from the travel, physical/emotional stress of the fall/spring seasons and just focus on personal improvement.
The year can be a somewhat of a “war of attrition”. Those that persist, remain positive, steady, and consistent, are the ones that really emerge. It’s our responsibility as coaches to hold the players accountable these things as it is a recipe for success.

Heading into exams we had two study hall sessions where teachers made themselves available to provide additional support. This extra time prior to exams is a huge opportunity for the students to get themselves well prepared for exams and complete final assignments. The support at The Hill will always be there. It is on the students to seek out the support and ask for help if or when struggling in a particular area.

We hope the players embrace the challenge of exam period. It’s another reminder of the pain of discipline vs the pain of regret. Often times it is not about talent or natural intelligence; it’s about who has the discipline to put in the work. Block out the distractions, dial in your study habits, and really commit yourself to the work. You’ll be proud that you did.

Hill Hockey.

Varsity Hockey:

Sr. Varsity to play Home and Home Series with SAC in FebruaryThis February 5th and 12th  we will be playing a home and home series with St. Andrews College. We will be playing February 5th at St. Andrews College at 2:30 pm and playing January 12th at 1:00 pm at the Hill Academy. The Games will be played during the school day, and will be open to all Sr. Varsity players who qualify based on their academic standing and attendance at practice. We will need to know as soon as possible as to who will be available on these respective dates so that we can put our roster in place for the games. Please let coach Brett know whether you will be able to play in either game or games as soon as possible.

Hill 18-45 Practice Players of the Week

Jr. Varsity – Bo DeanSr. Varsity – Luke Macpherson
Prep Hockey

Practice is mandatory on exam days.  If you are not writing an exam on a given day, practice is optional.  Please contact your coach to confirm attendance at each practice.  

Upcoming games:

Friday January 24th, 1:45pm: Hill U16 vs Okanagan U18 @ Iroquois arena (500 Victoria St W, Whitby, ON L1N 9G4)
Saturday January 25th, 8:15pm:  Hill U18 vs Okanagan U18 @ The Hill Academy 

CSSHL Rockland – January 31- February 2 (please see itinerary below)

Congratulations to Hill U18 student-athlete Austin Mitchell-King on helping lead team Great Britain to a Silver medal at the recent U20 World Championship.  Austin posted 5 points in 5 games during the Championship. Younger brother, and U16 team member, Rhodes Mitchell-King will be playing for team Great Britain at the U18 Championship in March. Congrats to both brothers. 

Rockland Itinerary

U16 Prep Hockey

The U16 Hill Hockey team travelled to New Hampshire for the ECEL All-Star weekend. Five players from the Hill were selected to be part of the All-Star game hosted at UMass Lowell: Josh Ziliotto, Jack Natyshak, Rhodes Mitchell-King, Matteo Siciliano, and James Norton. Norton was solid in net for the Riverhawks stopping 14 shots in the second period, but the Huskies won 2-0 with Josh Ziliotto sniping the game winner on a breakaway.

In their first game of the weekend the Hill U16s faced a tough opponent in Elite Hockey. Jack Natyshak and Josh Ziliotto had a goal and two assists each, but it wasn’t enough as Elite capitalized on some powerplay opportunities to win the game 7-3.In the second game against Atlanta the Hill came out flat and fell behind early 2-0. Yarne Vaerewyck scored on a setup from Isaac Wills to make it close, but the boys failed to mount a comeback losing 2-1.

The following day the Hill faced off against the New Jersey Jr Devils. Aydar Suniev got a goal and an assist in his first game as a member of the team, but once again the Hill failed to tie the game up in the final minutes. 4-2 New Jersey.In their final game, the Hill played Nordic Academy, a guest team from Norway. Nordic opened the scoring, but the Hill tied it up on a sneaky faceoff play where Jack Natyshak pushed the puck forward and fed Isaac Wills for the empty net backdoor tap in. Natyshak buried one later in the game on a feed from Ziliotto, but once again the Hill came up short losing 4-2.

U18 Prep Hockey

The Hill Academy U18s competed in their last games of regular season competition in the ECEL this past weekend it Hookset, New Hampshire. Overall it was a solid weekend for the team finishing with 3 wins and 1 loss against some of the higher placed teams in the standings.  

Resiliency became a common theme over the weekend with the Pride being able to overcome deficits in three of the four games. Even in the their loss, the U18s went down 3-0 with only 10 minutes remaining in the game and were able to get the score to 3-2 having a chance to tie with the goaltender pulled. This was one of those moment as a coaching staff where it is never a good feeling losing, but we were happy with the push and the battle to overcome a tough start to the game and not give up. 

Since we play a team sport I don’t like to mention individuals too often in these write ups, but I feel it necessary in this particular instance. A large part of the teams’ success this weekend was due to a few individuals that usually don’t show up on the score sheet or get the accolades of other players. Ben Lambert, Myles Henderson, and Kole Morris stepped up their individual play and their play as a line to help the U18s achieve one of their most successful weekends’ as a team this year. It was a proud moment as a coach to see these three step up their game when needed most. 

Below is a link for complete results from the weekend.

Hill Performance.

We’ve just completed the last full week of work before our athletes get a well deserved deload week during exam period. The level of intensity and effort this week has not gone unnoticed by the staff and we are excited to get things going post-exam break. 

With that, we encourage our athletes to remain active during this time. The stress of deadlines and exams can prove to be mounting, so we encourage our athletes to use some form of activity over the break to destress and stay in routine. The gym will be open post-exams with prepared workouts for any students who wish to get a lift in.

On Monday morning we talked about environment and influence. A clever analogy of a carrot, egg and coffee bean in hot water was used to describe this. The hot water represents a hostile or uncomfortable environment. Often times in sport, whether it’s joining a new team or changing the culture of a struggling team, we get thrown into situations that test our mettle. A carrot in hot water softens up, and an egg hardens to the point that they are unable to feel anything or let anything in. These are not the ideal responses we want in adverse situations. Rather, we want to mimic that of a coffee bean; when put into hot water, it turns the water into coffee; rather than the environment affecting the bean, the bean affects the environment, and this is a lesson we want our athletes to take to heart throughout their playing career.
The deadline for the final instalment of the gym culminating was this past Friday. Please ensure your son/daughter has submitted this assignment to avoid any surprises come report card time. As final marks are tallied and submitted, they will be processed early next week so students will have an idea of where they stand. Any questions or concerns can be addressed by Coach Noble, Abes or Glisic.