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H.I.L.L. Message

Last Sunday, the world was rocked by the sudden and tragic passing of Kobe Bryant, daughter Gianna and seven other helicopter passengers. Throughout this past week, news outlets and professional sporting games have been honouring the legacy of Kobe. 

Through all of these tributes, the clear message that has emerged, is that although Kobe was an incredible athlete and basketball talent; his legacy is so much more than his results on the basketball court. Kobe’s passion for sport and competition, growing the game of basketball, commitment to his family, embrace of work ethic, mentorship to fellow athletes, etc. are all attributes that he is being remembered and honoured for.

This can be a powerful message for our student- athletes. There is so much more to sport than the statistics portray. Every student-athlete has the opportunity to create a lasting legacy by being a good person and teammate.

Life at the Hill and Upcoming Events.

Monday Assembly Students are to meet in the gym at 8:40 for a Monday morning assembly. Students are to be prepared with their journals and a writing utensil. 

Student/Parent portal for Power School
The student/parent portal has been closed down until Semester 1 final reports are completed. Reports will be made available to students on Feb 6th and the Power School portal will be reset to semester 2 at that time.

Tuesday, February 18th GRAD Photos (Grade 8, Grade 12, PG) & Missed School Photos Photos start at 8:30am with the grade 8’s going first on 2nd floor outside the office door. Please note: Students to wear collared dress shirt and tie for grad photos, girls; collared shirt. Students to wear Hill Polo shirts for missed photos. 

Hill Lacrosse.

I wouldn’t call myself a Kobe Bryant fan. I have respected his talent and reputation for having an unrelenting work ethic. Maybe it was the indiscretions in his past, or his “iso ball” style on the court; I could never figure out whether or not I liked him.

Recently watching all the Kobe footage, hearing the stories released over the course of the week, you can’t help but appreciate just how dynamic of a person he was and his commitment to being a great leader and father. Ultimately we only saw one version of Kobe, through the lens of the public eye, so it’s hard to form any conclusions.

There is something to his “Mamba Mentality” and how it can be applicable to Hill students. At the core of it, it derives from a confidence in knowing that he had put more work in than those around him. We see many players struggle with confidence. In Kobe’s world, a lack of confidence comes from not being ready for the moment. Practice and training for him was more competitive than games, so the games felt easier. He talked about the difference between practicing vs. practicing with engagement and intention. He switched to the number 24 later in his career as a reminder to make the most of every hour in every day. He also always carried a chip on his shoulder. He named one of his charities “Kobe 13”, because he was still motivated by the 13 players that were drafted ahead of him.
I encourage you to find that chip, prove people wrong, GO FOR IT and don’t be afraid to push the thresholds of your potential.

His relationship with his daughter Gianna struck a cord. There was a cool story where Kobe was always getting asked, when is he going to have a boy to carry on his legacy. Gianna’s fire would burn and she responded to her dad, “I got this!” She reminds me of many of our Hill female student athletes and it’s so tragic to see her life cut short.

Say what you will about Kobe, but I can say his legacy has definitely motivated me to become a harder working person, a better father and he evokes a certain competitive mindset.

In the coming weeks we start our preparation for the upcoming season. We are going to see if we can get to the depths of work that will give us that same sense of confidence heading into the season.

Non- athletic DayPractice @ Trio Sportsplex

GLax, Varsity and JV- 8:00am
Prep- 9:20am
Team SessionPractice @ Trio Sportsplex

GLax, Varsity and JV- 8:00am
Prep- 9:20am
Practice @ Trio Sportsplex

GLax, Varsity and JV- 8:00am
Prep- 9:20am

Hill Hockey.

Varsity Hockey:

This week we spent some time talking about making the most of every time we are on the ice, taking every opportunity to get better and enjoy the game. Sometimes we all take for granted the privilege we have to get to play this great game. Brett’s challenge to all students this week was to appreciate every opportunity we have to step on the ice and to be the best we can be on that day every time we tie up our skates. The response this week was excellent and we look forward to carrying that into another week.

Sr. Varsity play @ SAC this Wednesday at 2:30 pm

This Wednesday February 5th our Sr. Varsity hockey team will be travelling to St. Andrews College to play against their varsity team. The game will be at 2:30 pm, a bus will be provided from the school to take our team to SAC however because the game ends after school hours students will need to arrange their own transportation home. Coach Brett is still waiting on a few students to confirm whether they can play or not so please make sure you let him know as soon as possible.

We will also be playing February 12th at 1:00 pm at the Hill Academy.  Please let coach Brett know by Friday February 7th as to whether you are available to play in the game.

Prep HockeyECEL Finals Weekend Itinerary

Non- Athletic DayPrep Practice @ 8:20am
Sr. Varsity – Practice 8:30-9:30am
Jr. Varsity- Practice 9:40- 10:40am
Prep- Practice @ 8:20am
Sr. Varsity non game players – Practice 8:30am-  9:30am 
Sr. Varsity- Game vs St. Andrews College 2:30 pm @ SAC
Jr. Varsity – Practice/ Goalie Session- 9:40- 10:40am
Prep- Practice @ 8:20am then depart for Boston
Sr. Varsity- Practice 8:30- 9:30am 
Jr. Varsity- Practice 9:40am
– 10:40am
Prep @ ECEL Finals in Boston

Sr. Varsity- Team Session 8:30am- 9:30am
Jr. Varsity- Intramurals 9:40am- 10:40am

Hill Performance.

It was a great first week back from exams. Students were refreshed, rested and brought the intensity in the gym this week. After the de-load week that was exam period, we pushed our athletes who are entering a new phase of training. We re-introduced eccentric training into our regimen; working the muscle through lengthening allows for great gains in strength and lean mass in this phase, but also increased levels of delayed onset muscle soreness. It is important during this phase to ensure proper nutrition and recovery as it is very physically demanding on the body. 
Coach Abes did the journal activity on Tuesday, revisiting goal setting. Specifically, looking at Progress vs. Process. The world lost a cultural and sport icon this past Sunday in Kobe Bryant. At his jersey retirement speech, he addressed his daughters, highlighting loving the grind, being process oriented and that loving the process will not get you to your dream, but rather, exceed it. For the journal activity, students highlighted what their progress goal was; whether short-term or long term, it is important to identify what the end goal looks like. After that, each student identified specific goals and tasks that go into that end goal. The iceberg analogy went well with this task; people see a small portion on the surface of what actually goes into “a dream”.

All outstanding items have been submitted and final marks will be in for this upcoming Monday. For any questions and concerns, please contact either Coach Noble, Glisic or Abes.