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H.I.L.L. Message

The staff at The Hill Academy constantly refer to the simple yet important principle of accountability. Hard conversations about compliance to the H in HILL expectations are done with care but are not avoided. Holding people to their greatness is perhaps one of the most loving actions we can take. Our student athletes must realize that short term discomfort results in long term success.

This can be difficult for some student-athletes to understand in the moment. It is common for alumni to recognize and appreciate some difficult conversations years later. The staff challenge the student-athletes because they care and they want what’s best for them.

Life at the Hill and Upcoming Events.

Monday Assembly Students are to meet in the gym at 8:40 for a Monday morning assembly. Students are to be prepared with their journals and a writing utensil. 

Tuesday, February 18th GRAD Photos (Grade 8, Grade 12, PG) & Missed School Photos Photos start at 8:30am with the grade 8’s going first on 2nd floor outside the office door. Please note: Students to wear collared dress shirt and tie for grad photos, girls; collared shirt. Students to wear Hill Polo shirts for missed photos. 

The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) is a mandatory test for students looking to graduate from an Ontario school. This year, the OSSLT will be written on Tuesday, March 31.

In the lead up to the OSSLT we will have a practice test for students to write, as well as multiple (2-3 sessions, depending on time) practice sessions to continue to develop OSSLT related skills. The practice test will be written on Tuesday, February 18th. The practice tests will be marked, and we will then hold practice sessions to work on skill deficits as well as to continually develop these essential literacy skills. The practice sessions will take part on the following dates (unless something happens last minute to change things).

Tuesday February 25th- Practice Session 1 Make up Test, during practice periodThursday February 27th- Hockey Only Practice Session 1 during practice periodTuesday, March 10th- Lacrosse Only Practice Session 2 during practice periodTuesday, March 24th- Final Practice Session during practice period On the day of the practice test, students will be provided with helpful links/documents to help them be successful on the OSSLT. Here are some of those links, for parents that would like to do a little bit of reading regarding the OSSLT:

OSSLT Policies and Procedures
How to Administer the OSSLT [This link includes information about Accommodations] 

Hill Lacrosse

It was a good sign on the snow day when I had Coach Petterson text me to ask if his dorm house could get into Trio Sportsplex to shoot around. When I arrived, the music was playing and the guys were going through drills. No one asking/reminding them to be out there; just a group of players that want to get better.

The improvement really happens when the players take ownership for their own development. They need to initiate and drive the process. We discussed the difference between being Willing or being Eager. Willing basically represents those that get everything done, where Eager means getting everything done with excitement, engagement, and enthusiasm.

The drills eventually broke out into a game of “backyard lacrosse.” It is in the less structured, non formal environments where the players are going to make the game their own. It’s where they can try new things, be creative, and get to that deep level of practice. It’s also in the these times where relationships are built and the game can serve as common ground to initiate or foster a friendship. On the field that day, there were players from Ontario, British Columbia, Virginia, Georgia, California, New York, New Jersey,  North Carolina, Colorado; background didn’t matter and it was clear all players shared a common purpose and connection to each other and the game. These interactions with other like-minded student athletes is what The Hill is all about.

The NCAA season is in full swing. It was fun particularly to watch the Hill Alums that are current freshmen already make such an early impact. Although The Hill can be demanding at times, the hard work will be well worth it. Our goal is to help you become as prepared as possible to hit the ground running when you get to the next level.

Non- athletic DayPractice @ Trio Sportsplex

GLax, Varsity and JV- 8:00am
Prep- 9:20am
Team SessionPractice @ Trio Sportsplex

GLax, Varsity and JV- 8:00am
Prep- 9:20am
Practice @ Trio Sportsplex

GLax, Varsity and JV- 8:00am
Prep- 9:20am

Hill Hockey.

Varsity Hockey:Sr. Varsity ties SAC 2-2 This past Wednesday, our Sr. Varsity team travelled to St. Andrews College for the first game of our home and home series. Although we had a short bench, our group competed hard and was able to come away with a much earned tie. After falling behind 2-0 in the first period, Mikael Kingo was able to shut the door for the remainder of the game while Liam Filip and Luke Macpherson added second period goals to even the score. Our coaching staff was extremely happy with the effort of the group and we look forward to game 2 this coming Wednesday.

Sr. Varsity play vs SAC this Wednesday at 1:00 pmThis Wednesday February 12th our Sr. Varsity hockey team will be playing our second game against St. Andrews College. The game will be at 1:00pm at the Hill Academy.  Please let coach Brett know by Monday February 10th as to whether you are available to play in the game so that he can finalize the roster.

Sr. Varsity Scrimmage with San Diego High School Friday On Friday our Sr. Varsity group will get an opportunity to skate with a high school team from San Diego, visiting the area looking for a Canadian hockey experience. We will be mixing the groups together for a fun one hour skate. Please let coach Brett know by Monday February 10th if you will be able to participate.

18-45 Practice Players of the WeekJr. Varsity – Chase YanniSr. Varsity – Lawson Sorokan

Prep HockeyThe Hill Academy U18s competed in their final weekend in regular season play for the CSSHL in Rockland, Ontario. 
The team finished the with a 2-1-1 record and played relatively well, aside from a total of 15 minutes over the weekend. Within those minutes, bad penalties and lack of defensive zone awareness cost The Pride a 3-2 shootout loss to Westlake and a three goal blown lead to OHA, that resulted in a loss. The boys bounced back, which they have done all year, with solid wins against Mount U18 and KEH. 

As we reach the playoff stretch of our season, in both the ECEL and CSSHL, it is going to be extremely crucial to limit mistakes and play with a sense of urgency. This week of practice consisted of going through systems and special teams to make sure everyone is on the same page moving forward. The goal for the remainder of the season is to just go out and play! The team has put the work in and knows their roles and capabilities, so now it is time to go out and preform!

Next up is ECEL finals in Hingham, Massachusetts February 7th-9th. For complete results of this past weekend please click on the link below.
2020 WSSC Schedule

Hill Performance.

It was another successful week in the gym. Athletes went through their second week of our training phase and we are seeing improvements in the technical prowess, but more importantly the intent and maximal effort we want to see rep to rep. 
For this weeks journal assembly, Coach Glisic highlighted a video package looking at the mentality of the late Kobe Bryant. The world recently lost a polarizing figure, known for his relentless work ethic and competitive mentality. Whether you loved Kobe or not, these traits were undeniable. We asked our students how they describe their mentality, and what they can change or improve. Kobe’s process and perspective provides great insight for our students to address areas of improvement in their day to day process.
Students received their final athlete report card alongside their academic report card which monitors their athletic improvement throughout the year. Attached to the sheet is a guide for parents to understand the numbers associated with each value. If you have any questions about the athlete report card, don’t hesitate to contact Coach Glisic at This is a valuable tool to assess each athlete and their need for improvement.