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H.I.L.L. Message

A popular and fun writing activity is the Six Word Memoirs activity, where you write anything (a story, breaking news, status of your life, etc.) in only six words. The PG Leadership class were asked to come up with six words that describe where they are at this point in their lives and some thoughts they live by. We will be doing this again at various stages of the year. 
These are only a few samples of the memoirs that were submitted. The entire class, for the most part, took the activity seriously, and produced personal versions that were well thought out and insightful. 

“So many things left to do”
“Honestly, still haven’t figured anything out”
“No more looking back, just forward.”
Life throws curves, deal with it.
Today I learn, tomorrow I lead. 
“I learn more, and understand less” 
“Stay consistent through ups and downs.”

FYI this is an interesting and fun exercise for families as well. Here is the

Life at the Hill and Upcoming Events.

DECA – Join DECA and better your future in marketing/business. DECA will give you a chance to operate in real world business scenarios and compete for our school. Everyone interested in joining DECA should meet at the start of lunch on Monday, September 30th in Portable 10. Bring your lunch and your business brains.
Homework Club – Attention all students! Wednesday and Thursday lunch periods will be dedicated to getting more work done with the help of graduate tutors. Classes will be split up into english, law, history (Canadian or American) on Wednesdays. Math, biology, chemistry, and physics on Thursdays. This club will take place in portable 9 starting on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019. If you do not know where portable 9 is, there will be a large sign on the front door. If you are interested in attending this club or have questions, feel free to email either or
Terry Fox Fundraising – This week until Wednesday the Event Planning Team will continue to sell WOLF/Terry Fox apparel with all profits going towards the Terry Fox Foundation. The Terry Fox Wolf Shirts support a great cause and can be worn during workout periods and dress down days on Fridays. The T-shirts are $25 and can be purchased at the PG table at lunch Monday through Wednesday.
Orange Shirt Day – This Monday, September 30th marks Orange Shirt Day, a day that pays tribute to Residential School survivors and to those who did not survive these institutions. Orange Shirt Day was inspired by the experience of Residential School survivor Phyllis (Jack) Webstad, who was forced to give up a beloved orange shirt and made to feel worthless and insignificant from the first day she attended Residential School. 
Hill Handbook – Any student who has not completed the 2019-2020 Handbook quiz by Monday will not be practicing on Tuesday. Please make sure that the Handbook quiz is complete (students need their email in order to complete the quiz)
Picture Day – Mark your Calendars – School Picture day for all grades is scheduled for Monday, October 7th. These are individual student photos only. Photos will start at 9:00am and students are to wear their Hill polo shirts. Photo Retakes on Monday, October 21st.Delivery of Photos ordered sent by courier to student’s homes; International addresses also.  Grad photos scheduled for February 18, 2020.
Monday Assembly – Please report to the gym for an 8:40am start. Students must remember their journal and a writing utensil. 

Hill Lacrosse.

Thanks to all the parents who attended our parents night or watched at home. If you were not able attend or watch, you are always welcome to connect individually. 

We had an exciting week of red white games. Red vs. White games always provide a benchmark.  There is practice, then there is LIVE.  Those are two very different things.  It was fun to see the players get a taste of live action and perhaps get an early glimpse of how they stack up amongst their teammates (which evolves daily).  And yes, bragging rights are on the line!
We have started to implement “On the field” standards.” These standards reinforce how we want to play on the field. When we are doing these things well, we are playing Hill Lacrosse.

Examples include:
-Running out an end-line shot. Shows anticipation, game awareness, hustle.
-Sprinting on and off the field in substitution situations. The inches of the game matter and we can gain inches in the substitution game through effort.
-Do not allow unassisted goals. Show support to your teammates on the field and force teams to make multiple passes to score.
-Avoid “push on the back” possession calls. Discipline, positioning, and persistence. We do not want to hand away possessions.
-Ride to the midline/ restraining line. We want the mentality that if we lose the ball, we are in relentless pursuit to get the ball back. It doesn’t take a great attack to ride hard, but all great attack ride hard. Shows effort and attention to detail. Also encourages a “next play” mentality.
-Finish to the front. Take contact, increase your angle. Shows your teammates that you are willing to get to the hard areas to make a play.
-Protect the paint. The paint is what we call the “prime scoring area.”  We want to make this a difficult place to gain ground and penetrate. We don’t like giving up many shots in the paint.
-Move the ball off the ground. We want to Pick a GB>Swing the ball>ATTACK.
-Sprint through a ground. Fast, explosive, compact through a GB.
-No unsportsmanlike penalties. We will leave that to other teams. If a player gets an unsportsmanlike penalty, chances are he or she will be standing next to the coaches the rest of the game.
-We goals > Me goals. We want to share the ball, have a lot of assisted goals, play an unselfish brand of lacrosse. We make plays for our teammates, which will strengthen our bond.
-No Maybe shots or Maybe transition. Make simple hard plays. A series of “base hits” rather than “home runs.”

There are many more, but this gives you some insight into how we want to play and what we value as a program. These lacrosse plays do have greater purpose! Ultimately we want to hold the players to a high standard of playing the game the right way. If you observe a team when players make these kind of plays, they are injected with life and spirit.  We want to be constantly working to win the Little Victories of the game.


Athletic Day
Boys Lacrosse Practice @ McNaughton
Varsity/ JV @ 8:00am

Prep @

Girls Lacrosse- Practice @ Sports Village
Girls Lacrosse Practice @ McNaughton @ 8:00am

Varsity/ JV @ Sports Village 8:15am

Prep @ 9:30am

Girls Lacrosse- Practice @ Sports Village 8:15am
Boys Lacrosse Practice @ McNaughton
Varsity/ JV @

Prep @ 9:30am

Girls Lacrosse- Practice @ Sports Village 8:15am

Hill Hockey.

Varsity Hockey Update:

One of our teaching focuses this week was on continuing our pursuit of improvement even when we are tired. Hockey is one of those unique sports where as the season carries along it is very rare for a player to feel 100% when they enter a game. This is a large part of why you see at the NHL level some players jump out to fast starts during the season but then slow down and become less impactful. When their body feels good they have the ability to be an elite player but as soon as they start to feel less than 100% it has a major impact on their game. As hockey players our bodies are conditioned to continue to battle through fatigue, bumps and bruises but what always becomes the most difficult challenge is getting over the mental hurdle these issues put in our way. What we need to do is improve our mindset and focus so that even on days when we feel off, we are able to give a great performance and be a valuable member of our team. That is what separates those who are apart of a winning culture and those who are not.

We spent a lot of time focusing on pushing through the mental thought of being tired, shown through our conditioning test and during practice time we focused on continuing to make intelligent plays even when we are fatigued. The mind is a powerful tool and when we have the ability to block out the distractions it sets us up to have success as the season carries on and allows up to continue to improve when others start to slow down. We are encouraging our players to make a strong effort this year to push through some fatigue as well believe it will help them have more success when they reach the next level.

On Ice Testing ResultsThis past week we completed our first round of on ice testing for Varsity hockey for the 2019-2020 school year. We had a transition skating test to show how quickly our players can transition from forwards to backwards, we also finished off with a conditioning test to help monitor how well we are able to maintain our speed over the course of multiple repetitions with minimal rest. We look forward to seeing improved results in the coming months.

The top performers were:
Sr. Varsity Grade 10 Transition Skating: 1.  Matthew Poitras  2. Lorenzo Bonaiuto 3. Owen Tapper

Sr. Varsity Grade 9 Transition Skating: 1.  Connor Haynes 2. Carey Terrance 3. Mike Levin

Jr. Varsity Transition Skating: 1.  Kingston Harris2.  Riley Sorokan 3.  Bo Dean

Grade 10/11 Conditioning Test: 1. Ikki Kogawa 2. Lorenzo Bonaiuto 3. Matthew Poitras

Grade 9 Conditioning Test: 1. Carey Terrance 2. Denver Barkey 3. Connor Haynes

18-45 Practice Player of the Week: Jr. Varsity – Rhys Walker, Sr. Varsity – Matthew Poitras

U18 Prep Hockey vs Okanagan Hockey Ontario:

The Hill Academy U18s faced Okanagan Hockey Ontario this past weekend for a home and home set in Whitby and Vaughan respectively. Friday’s game started a little slow and it took a while for the 18s to get the rust out. Although The Hill Academy outshot OHO by a wide margin, they weren’t in control of the game until midway through the third period. Gino Colangelo led the way with two shorthanded goals and Hayden Dunford was solid in net getting the 5-2 win. Saturday seemed to ring a similar tone, with The Hill Academy attempting numerous shots, but having difficulties finding the back of the next early on. Alex Falkenhagen was solid in the net and kept score close as the 18s had a close, 2-1 lead going into the third. That is when the squad put the pedal down and were able to put four by the OHO netminder, with many other chances that were slightly missed. James Johnston helped the cause scoring two for The Hill Academy. Overall it was good start for the first weekend of the year. Up next, both the 16s and 18s are competing in CSSHL league play in Cornwall, Ontario

ECEL Trip #1- Boston Itinerary 

Hill Performance Training.

It was a wild and hectic week filled with a number of different events at The Hill. Our week started with the first lesson of the year, focused on general athlete nutrition. It is such an important knowledge base to have for our young athletes, as proper nutrition and hydration is essential to high levels of performance in the classroom, weight room and playing surface. Coach Abes covered the major macronutrients and their role in athlete performance, hydration & protein intake expectations, and meal planning strategies. Our first assignment was given out based on the information provided in the lesson, and is due this Tuesday, October 1st.

Please ensure your son/daughter has submitted their assignment on time.
This week we ran the Terry Fox Run, and it tied in seamlessly with our new theme of Play With Purpose. Terry’s Marathon of Hope was driven by purpose; to create an awareness and raise money for cancer research. Our PG leaders ran our Monday morning journal activity and asked our students for 3-5 traits that Terry Fox had that they would like to emulate. After some reflection, our athletes described what their “Why?” is. An important question that allows our athletes to be reminded of why they have chosen this path, and to stay motivated as we enter a time where classroom, weight room and sport expectations begin to really ramp up.