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H.I.L.L. Message

In sports, school, and life in general, there is a tendency to play the role of the rescuer. A coach shifts the blame when a player comes up short. A teacher provides the answer before the student athlete figures out how to develop the answer, or a friend or family member provides unwarranted praise or excuses when a challenge or mistake presents itself. 

The staff in all areas of The Hill Academy base all their actions on honest support. This is done in a respectful way, always pointing out the issue but also the path to the successful development. 

There are many challenges that our student athletes face on a daily basis. The goal of The Hill Academy is the preparation of a resilience to face bumps in the road which will then carry forward in future life and sport situations. 

Life at the Hill and Upcoming Events.

Life at the Hill and Upcoming Events.

Attention all students! Wednesday and Thursday lunch periods will be dedicated to getting more work done with the help of graduate tutors. Classes will be split up into english, law, history (Canadian or American) on Wednesdays. Math, biology, chemistry, and physics on Thursdays. This club will take place in portable 9 starting on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019. If you do not know where portable 9 is, there will be a large sign on the front door. If you are interested in attending this club or have questions, feel free to email either or

Picture Day – Tomorrow!

School Picture day for all grades is scheduled for Monday, October 7th. These are individual student photos only. Photos will start at 9:00am and students are to wear their Hill polo shirts. Photo Retakes on Monday, October 21st.Delivery of Photos ordered sent by courier to student’s homes; International addresses also.  Grad photos scheduled for February 18, 2020.

Hill Lacrosse.

All teams were in action this weekend. The girls hosted University of Detroit Mercy, the Prep boys were at Michigan and Michigan State, and the Varsity/JV were in Buffalo. It was fun to see some students play for The Hill for the first time.  

Watching all the teams play, I’ve noticed we have hit a sweet spot early in the season where you are getting more and more glimpses of how we want to play.  As I mentioned, when we are at our best there should be a rhythm and continuity to how we are playing. It’s a combination of the coach/player relationship building, more of our structure and common language is being implemented, and overall the students getting more acclimated to our routine.
In a broad sense, regardless of age or gender, Hill lacrosse is defined by:  sharing the ball, playing with high pace/relentlessness, jumping on teams that are not ready to play at our speed, playing with joy and enthusiasm, celebrating the little plays-an overall respect for the game and constantly striving to play the right way.

What I appreciate about coaching at The Hill is the players are hungry and excited to learn and improve. They hold themselves to a high standard.  

We have a lot of exciting lacrosse ahead. Our focus remains on daily incremental improvement.

Hill Hockey.

Varsity Hockey Update:

As we are now settling into the season the two main focus points for the past week for our varsity students were routine and consistency. It is important to put ourselves in a position where we can make steady improvements week to week in order to help us reach our ultimate goals. To do this we must first put ourselves in a routine that helps increase our opportunity to be successful. Our routine could be as simple as taking 5 minutes to focus on what we would like to get out of each practice before going on the ice, all the way to a step by step plan to make you feel like you are ready to get the most out of each ice time. The second part to helping in our development is consistency, in order for us to have success we need to do the right things every time. Routines are great but they only work if we stick with them consistently, hard work is great but it must be consistent as well.  If we are willing to create a positive routine and stick with it we will be rewarded as the school year continues.  

18-45 Practice Player of the Week

Jr. Varsity – Bo DeanSr.

Varsity – Kenny Belanger

U18 Prep Hockey- CSSHL (Cornwall)

The U18s competed in their first weekend of the of CSSHL in Cornwall this past weekend. In their first game The Hill Academy played CIH and the boys came out hard but CIH got on the board first. Soon after, Luke Joseph responded with the assist going to Richards Landmanis.  Artem Babkin helped The Hill take the lead with helpers from Ethan Finlason, and Myles Henderson. Gino Colangelo was able to score two in the third to ice the game for the Pride, with a final score of The Hill Academy 4 and CIH 1. The second game of the weekend saw the U18s face off against a new and improved Mount Academy team in a feisty matchup. Mount held a 1-0 lead for two-thirds of the game, which eventually led into a high scoring third period. The Pride came out on top with a 6-3 victory, with the catalyst being a five minute major from a Mount forward. Austin Mitchell-King ended the game with a hatrick, while James Johnston scored two. In their third game, The Hill Academy U18s played Westlake Borget Volts and ran into a very hot goaltender. Although Gino Colangelo scored the first goal for the Pride with assist going to Austin Mitchell-King and James Johnston, that was the only time they would find the back of the net. They held the Volts off in the first period with Hayden Dunford standing strong going into the second. With minimal puck luck and a string of bad penalties, even with their 51 shots on net, The Hill Academy fell to Westlake 3-1.  For their last test of the weekend the U18s faced OHA, who is consistently a top opponent year to year. The Hill Academy came out sluggish and didn’t wake up until the third period, being down 3-0 to a dominate OHA team. The Hill squad stayed patient and disciplined and were able to cut the deficit to 3-2 with power play goals from Austin Mitchell-King and Gino Colangelo. Ultimately, it was too little, too late as the Pride ran out of time and OHA added an empty net goal ending the game at 4-2.

Hill Performance Training.

It was a great week in the gym. Groups are starting to find their rhythm and should be acquainted and aware of the physical demands required of them daily. Going into this upcoming stretch, programming will we encourage our athletes to build good habits in order to maintain their level of performance and stay on top of their schedules.

This week, Ms. Merrill and Mrs. Flynn lead the assembly which highlighted the importance of the blue feather. It is an iconic symbol of the Hill and can be seen all over the school and on uniform and sport apparel. For our journal activity, students were given their own blue feather and wrote their goals and dreams. 

The deadline for the first assignment of the year for physical education was this past Tuesday, October 1. There are still a handful of athletes who have yet to hand in their assignment. A non-submission for this assignment will have a drastic effect on upcoming semester 1 midterm marks. Ensure your son or daughter has submitted to avoid any surprises when reports are handed out.

Also, ensure your athletes are doing the weekly wellness reports posted in Teambuildr. Compliance for these reports will be a portion of their participation in the course.