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H.I.L.L. Message

H.I.L.L. Message

The PG Leadership class examines the critical elements of being an effective leader, in school, sports and life, both in the present and the future. Recently, there was a discussion about the importance of accountability. Accountability means responsible behaviour involving honesty, compassion/respect, and courage. 

One needs to be honest with themselves and others and be willing to consider that there are aspects of ourselves we need to change. Everyone has room for improvement, but it often requires being open to constructive criticism. 

Kindness and respect, I believe, are the cornerstones to success on so many levels. Some perceive these to be signs of weakness. However, both require strength and often courage to stand up for what is “right.’

The staff at The Hill Academy relentlessly embrace accountability in teaching and coaching, understanding its value for development in all phases of the lives of our student- athletes.

Life at the Hill and Upcoming Events.

Field Trip – November 20th

On Wednesday, November 20th the grade 10, 11, and 12 history classes will be attending a field trip to Crawford Lake Conservation Area. Permission forms and trip fees to cover transportation and admission ($28) are due by Wednesday, November 13th. If you have any questions about the field trip, please contact Ms. Languay –

Monday Assembly

Students are to meet in the gym at 8:40 for a Monday morning assembly. Students are to be prepared with their journals and a writing utensil. 

Parent-Teacher Night

Wednesday November 20th will be parent-teacher night. Please contact teachers directly to schedule an appointment. Meetings will take place after 4:30pm at The Sports Village.

Player Development Program

Last week, Dr Don DiPaolo spent an afternoon with the high school boys hockey program working through The Player Development program. Dr Don has emphasized the importance of a student-athletes mental preparedness, and the Player Development program is the first step in gathering data to help the coaches work towards improving the players individual and team game. This week, Dr Don will be working with the boys lacrosse program and then the female student athletes. 

Community Involvement Hours

All students who plan to graduate in Ontario need to show evidence of at least 40 hours of community involvement. There are some restrictions of the type of activities and how/when they are completed. Please contact Ms Flynn (cflynn@thehillacademy) for details or collect a Community Involvement form from the front desk with Ms Bush.

Student Photos Order Form:

A reminder for students to pick up their school photo proofs from Cindy in the office and for parents to place their orders online.

Order Form

Remembrance Day Ceremony

This past week the grade 12 Canadian History class hosted a Remembrance Day assembly at the Hill Academy to honour those who have served their country in times of peace and conflict. Alexandra Nesbitt and Matthew Poitras led the group in a reading of John McCrae’s famous poem “In Flanders Fields”, while the grade 11 American History class contributed personal biographies of soldiers who served in Vietnam, Korea, and Afghanistan. The soldier biographies really helped our students to connect with the legacy of those who were called upon to serve and make the ultimate sacrifice at a young age. Thank you to the grade 12 Canadian History class for helping us to remember the importance of legacy during this time of year. 

Hill Lacrosse.

It’s been a challenging fall for our program. We’ve had a number of students experience a traumatic loss; more than I can ever remember in single a school year.  The respect I have for our players continues to grow to new levels.

One of the special things about lacrosse is it can be therapeutic. Being around your teammates, running around, playing the game you love can be healthy for your soul. It’s one of the few places where you can be present in the moment, free from outside distractions. I know our players, particularly the ones that have experienced loss, have really leaned on the game and each other this fall.

One of Roula Schell’s (mother of PG student Matt Schell) final requests before her long, courageous battle with cancer came to an end, was to be buried holding a fork in her right hand. In Greek tradition, you are reminded to hold onto your fork after a meal, because dessert was on its way. To her it represented, “the best is yet to come.” 
What an amazing final message.

We will continue to remind ourselves to have a “hold onto your fork” mindset as we progress through the ebbs and flows of lacrosse and life.

Hill Hockey.

Varsity Hockey:

Jr. Varsity visit to Caledon Campus Friday:This Friday our Jr. Varsity group will be visiting our Caledon campus as well as skating at Teen Ranch arena. Students need to bring their hockey equipment to school that day. Transportation will be provided to and from the Hill Academy.

No Ice Thursday due to CSSHL tournament at the Hill:Our varsity groups will only be on the ice twice this week as our Prep teams will be taking part in a CSSHL tournament at the Hill Thursday and Friday. We will take this time to rest and watch the games that are taking place during our practice times.

Week in Review:This week I asked all of our students to make sure that every time they step on the ice they have a purpose for being out there. Every single time we are on the ice is an opportunity to improve our game. Whether it is improving our skating, shot, breakout pass, catch and release or even as simple as helping rekindle our love of the game by enjoying being on the ice; we can get something positive out of lacing up our skates. Even on days when we are tired, sick or sore we are still capable of getting something out of our practice time, even if it’s something minor. 
Moving forward, each time we step on the ice let’s ask ourselves:- ” what do I want to work on today?” –  “what is my focus for this skate”… and following the practice “do I believe that what I did today has helped me work towards my goal?” By answering these simple questions we are setting ourselves up for success.

18-45 Practice Player of the Week

Jr. Varsity – Antonio BonavotaSr. Varsity – Michael Buchinger

Prep Hockey Update:

The Hill Academy U18s were recently in Charlottetown, PEI for CSSHL play. This was a crucial time in the season for the team since they had a record of one win and five losses in their past six games. With that said, The Pride stepped up and implemented particular skills and strategies from the weeks prior during practice to dominate the weekend.

The U18s went 4-0 on the island beating Mount Academy U18 5-4 in a shootout, King’s Edgehill 4-1, Mount Academy U16 7-2, and CIH 6-1. The positive take away was not so much about the goals for and against, but rather the way the boys preformed. Some key points of improvement from other weeks included:

  • Defence moving the puck quickly to the forwards and using the hinge play to open up ice for transition in the neutral zone.
  • Forwards protecting the puck more effectively and not throwing it away making ‘hope plays.’
  • Goaltenders making that first save and trusting the forwards and defensemen will be in position to tie up men and clear loose pucks.
  • Communication on the ice in all facets of the game and situations to support teammates.
  • Overall a more positive attitude on the bench and increased camaraderie between teammates.

Hopefully the momentum from the weekend can continue into the break, with four playing weekends left before Christmas. Next up is CSSHL league play in Toronto, November 21-23. Click HERE for complete scores and box scores from PEI.

Prep Alumni watch:
Liam Dennison – Liam is averaging twenty minutes of ice time per game in his freshman season at Merrimack College. He added two assists this past weekend to help lead his team to a big victory over UConn. Liam played U16 and U18 (2015-17) at The Hill Academy prior to playing for Youngstown in the USHL.  

Arnaud Vachon – Arnaud has started his collegiate career strong, playing in all situations and adding two goals for Colgate University. Arnaud played U16 and U18 (2014-16) for The Hill Academy before moving to the Brooks Bandits in the AJHL. He put up 23 goals in his rookie season and went on to win a National Championship as the Captain last year.  

Harrison Rees – Harrison has played in each game in his freshman year, adding one goal and one assist. Harrison played U16 (2016/17) at The Hill Academy before playing for North York in the OJHL.  

Johnathan Kovacevic – Following a great collegiate career at Merrimack College, Johnny has started his professional career in Manitoba playing for the Moose, in the AHL. He has 3 points in his first 7 games, while being a plus 5. Johnny play U16 at The Hill Academy in the 2013/14 year, and was a third round pick of the Winnipeg Jets.  

It is great to see all our alumni having success at the next level. They have left a great Legacy and paved a great road for our current and future student-athletes. Keep up the great work boys!

CSSHL Showcase – Toronto (Vaughan Sports Village)
Hill Academy U18 
Thursday November 21st, 2019
8:00am Hill Academy U18 vs OHA (pad B)

1:00pm Hill Academy U18 vs Mount Academy (pad A)
Friday November 22nd, 2019
8:15am Hill Academy U18 vs CIH (pad D)
2:00pm Hill Academy U18 vs Mount (pad D)

Hill Academy U16
Thursday November 21st, 2019
1:45pm Hill Academy U16 vs OHA (pad C)
Friday November 22nd, 2019
8:15am Hill Academy U16 vs Mount U16 (pad A)
1:00pm Hill Academy U16 vs Westlake (pad A)
Saturday November 23rd, 2019
5:30pm Hill Academy U16 vs CIH (Burnhamthorpe CC)

Hill Performance Training.

It was a short and productive week in the gym. Our athletes completed a movement competency evaluation throughout the course of the week. This allowed our staff to assess, address gaps in our programming and see where we need to move forward in regard to our training program. It consisted of a number of different movement, basic strength and athleticism related tasks and students were given a pass/fail based on their competency. Students will be retested at the end of term in order to get a tangible and practical idea of their progress.
Midterm reports were handed out this week. If you would like to discuss your son/daughters progress for physical education, please feel free to contact Coach Noble, Coach Glisic or Coach Abes in order to schedule time.