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H.I.L.L. Message

H.I.L.L. Message

This time of the year accentuates the mission of The Hill Academy. These are challenging days for our student athletes. The weather is changing and the daylight hours are reduced. The excitement of the start of a new year is over and the full academic and athletic schedule, with our high expectations, are in full gear. Coaches and teachers are ensuring that training and studies are not only matching but exceeding normal demands on the ice, field, and classroom, while also considering the full lives of Hill student athletes. Games, exams, assignments, practices, workouts, and travel fill each and every day, involving both successes and setbacks. I have listened to endless conversations with our staff discussing methods of motivating with a hand on the back, both supporting and pushing. 

All that being said, the day to day life at The Hill is such a motivating and enjoyable one. Being surrounded by motivated people; relishing all the benefits of being involved in sports and learning is a special environment to be a part of. Recently our former vice principal, John Allardyce, paid us a visit. His parting comment was, “It is so nice to see so many student athletes with smiles on their faces.”

Life at the Hill and Upcoming Events.

Crawford Lake Conservation Area- Field Trip

This past Wednesday, the grades 10, 11, and 12 History classes visited Crawford Lake Conservation Area in Milton, ON. The students spent the morning exploring the forest trails surrounding the lake while learning about the forest ecosystem, plant ecology, and how the Wendat traditionally used the land. In the afternoon our groups were given a tour of the site’s reconstructed longhouses. Inside each longhouse they learned about the archaeological finds that were made at the site, some traditional aspects of Wendat life, and the impact different treaties had on the Wendat’s use of the land and their relationship with European settlers. A special thank you to the staff at Crawford Lake Conservation Area for providing our students with such a unique and insightful educational experience.  

Monday Assembly

Students are to meet in the gym at 8:40 for a Monday morning assembly. Students are to be prepared with their journals and a writing utensil. 

Community Involvement Hours

All students who plan to graduate in Ontario need to show evidence of at least 40 hours of community involvement. There are some restrictions of the type of activities and how/when they are completed. Please contact Ms Flynn (cflynn@thehillacademy) for details or collect a Community Involvement form from the front desk with Ms Bush.

Semester One Exams

Final Exams for Semester 1 will take place at The Hill Academy starting Tuesday January 21st and finishing Friday January 24th. Please do not book travel or make arrangements during or after a student’s exam. We will not accommodate exams written in other locations and students may not choose to write exams earlier or later than the designated date and time. In the occurrence of an inclement weather day during an exam, the exams will all be bumped ahead to the next scheduled day. There is a PD Day on January 27th and we reserve the right to schedule an exam on that day if necessary. Thank you for your cooperation!

Hill Lacrosse.

A busy fall season comes to a close. It was a full fall season; we experienced so much in just three months. Travelling and playing through New York, Michigan, Maryland, Ohio, Delaware, New Jersey.  We are fortunate to have so many unique lacrosse experiences and to play in some amazing environments.

Overall, the fall has given us much better perspective on where we stand. It will be a fun and challenging off season and we are asking our players to lean into their areas of improvement.

Alumni Game:
This year we will be hosting an Alumni game taking place at our practice facility at Trio Sports, this Wednesday, November 27th, during practice time. 

Hill Hockey.

Sr. Varsity and U16 Prep to Caledon Monday November 24th On Monday our Sr. Varsity hockey grade 9s and 10s, and U16 Prep Hockey will be going to Caledon to visit the new campus and skate at Teen Ranch arena. They will get on the bus at 9am, skate at 10:30am at Teen Ranch and then go over to see the new campus. We will be home before school ends. Players are reminded to bring their hockey equipment.

Varsity Week in Review

Buchinger and Bonaiuto Selected to GTHL Top Prospects GameCongratulations to Sr. Varsity hockey students  Michael Buchinger and Lorenzo Bonaiuto for being selected to participate in the GTHL top prospects game taking place on Tuesday December 10th at Scotiabank Pond. Michael and Lorenzo were among the 40 GTHL players selected to participate in the game as the prepare for the OHL draft this upcoming spring. 

Jr. Varsity Visit to CaledonOn Friday our Jr. Varsity hockey group went to visit the new campus in Caledon. While on the trip they got the opportunity to see the new campus, participated in an outdoor activity and then had a team skate at Teen Ranch arena before heading back to our current location in Vaughan. We had a great day and really enjoyed showing our students where they will be located starting next September.

18-45 Practice Player of the Week
Jr. Varsity – Riley SorokanSr. Varsity – Ken Belanger
Prep Hockey
ECEL Itinerary Connecticut:Itinerary

Hill Performance Training.

We’ve entered a new phase of training, focusing on hypertrophy and fast concentric muscle action. Our athletes will be subjected to high volume, maximal effort working sets to be done with full depth and perfect technique. The high repetition allows for our athletes to further ingrain the proper patterning of key exercises and allows for our athletes to work under fatigue or out of their comfort zone. 

This week, Coach O’Connor led the journal activity and talked about the theme of “We Before Me”. He talked about his experience as a professional athlete and touched on key ways to put the team first. He challenged students to reflect on who they remember as their best teammate, and how to emulate the qualities that they exemplified that made them so memorable and likeable.

Students will receive their athletic report cards alongside an assignment corresponding to it. The athletic report cards will show testing results for strength/power/speed/endurance, movement competency, and leadership in an easy to follow visual. It’s important to see where each athlete needs to improve and putting a plan of action in place to do it, which will be the premise of the assignment.