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H.I.L.L. Message

The L in H I L L stands for leadership. Leadership can be a hard concept to define as there are many different ways to be a leader. At The Hill, developing personal leadership is stressed, reinforced, and continually promoted. Behaviour in the class, cafeteria, on the rink and field, and off campus has significant positive effects on others and most importantly, on the individual student athlete’s growth and development.

Pete Carroll, NFL coach of the Seattle Seahawks, as described in an article in The New York Times, (Jan 9, 2020, By Matthew Futterman) lives and coaches based on a culture that combines nonstop competition and “its implicit push to be better” with a sense of purpose and empowerment. 

The H I L L culture is a variation of this theme. There is a blend of challenge, high expectations, individual reinforcement, and care. Based on alumni feedback, it is has been described as the Hill advantage, as student athletes move to their next stages of life.  

Have a great week! 

Life at the Hill and Upcoming Events.

Monday Assembly Students are to meet in the gym at 8:40 for a Monday morning assembly. Students are to be prepared with their journals and a writing utensil. 

Exam Schedule:
Exams will begin at 9:00 am and will typically end at 11:00, unless the teacher advises the students otherwise. Buses will arrive at the same time in the morning (8:15am) and will depart at 12:00pm noon. Please note that lunch plan will not be available on exam days.

Students should arrive to their exam 15 minutes early, with the permitted materials and in uniform. Students who are more than 30 minutes late to an exam and who arrive out of uniform will not be permitted to write that day’s exam (Hill Academy track suits are permitted during exams). Students who are absent for an exam or culminating task  must provide a doctor’s note or a zero will be recorded for that day’s exam. 

The schedule for exams will go as follows:

Tuesday January 21- period 1 exam
Wednesday January 22 – period 2 exam
Thursday January 23 – period 3 exam
Friday January 24 – period 4 exam

Monday January 27th is a PD day. If exams are moved due to inclement weather, we reserve the right to schedule exams on that day so please do not make travel plans until exams are completed. 

SAT PrepIf you plan on writing the SAT later this year, it’s not too early to start prepping! SAT prep class will be re-starting every Wednesday from 4-5:30 in portable 9. Drop-ins are welcome anytime. 
Please register with Cindy Bush ( or contact Drorit Weiss ( for more information. 
Slice of WeissSlice is back! Caelan Brown, Brooklyn Walker-Welch and Slice of Weiss collaborated on another Slice of Weiss track. This video tells the story of Mitosis inspired by a grade 10 science project for Mr Cook’s class. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment and share! Watch it here: and subscribe here:

Hill Lacrosse.

It was a productive and positive week returning from the holidays. All players were challenged with sessions ranging from speed training, box lacrosse, to secondary sport. It was important to re-establish our routine, focus on intent and gradually increase our pace. 
It is a busy time of year, with the semester coming to an end. We continue to reinforce the message to “run through the tape”. It is our hope as a staff that our messages and principles can serve as a platform for the student athletes to succeed during this strenuous time. Basic principles of time management, organization, prioritization, proper sleep, hydration and nutrition, can be integral to having a successful finish to the semester. 
We strongly encourage all the students to take advantage of the resources the school has to offer. Find your voice, ask for help, be clear in what your goals are and put the work in. 

Non- Athletic Day


Speed and Conditioning @ Trio SportsplexGirls Lacrosse- Basketball @ Vaughan Sportsplex II
Boys Lacrosse- Box Lacrosse @ Vaughan Sportsplex II
Team Session
Girls Lacrosse- Box Lacrosse @ Vaughan Sportsplex II
Boys Lacrosse- Secondary Sport

Hill Hockey.

Varsity Hockey:As we return from the holiday break it is a realization that hockey playoffs are almost upon us. Playoffs are always such an exciting time, the games mean more and all of the work we have put in during the season gets tested. In order for us to have success during playoffs it is important to remember the following:

  1. Make sure you continue to work hard in practice each day, good habits start in practice and staying sharp will help with growing confidence.
  2. Stay on top of your studies, in order to focus on games you don’t want to be distracted by homework piling up. Stay in communication with your teachers and try and get ahead over the next few weeks. Keeping your grades high will help keep confidence up.
  3. Get proper rest.
  4. Keep working in the gym, our staff is there to help make sure you are performing at your best.
  5. Enjoy the ride; playoffs are always a wave of ups and downs. The team and players that can handle it the best are the ones who will come out on top.

Sr. Varsity to play Home and Home Series with SAC in FebruaryThis February 5th and 12th we will be playing a home and home series with St. Andrews College. We will be playing February 5th at St. Andrews College at 2:30 pm and playing January 12th at 1:00 pm at the Hill Academy. The Games will be played during the school day, and will be open to all Sr. Varsity players who qualify based on their academic standing and attendance at practice. We will need to know as soon as possible who will be available on these respective dates so that we can put our roster in place for the games. Please let coach Brett know whether you will be able to play in either game or games as soon as possible.

Non- Athletic DayPrep Practice- 8:20am- 9:20am
Sr. Varsity Grade 9 and 10- Practice 8:30 – 9:30 am
Jr. Varsity- Practice 9:40- 10:40 am 
Prep Practice- 8:20am- 9:20am
Sr. Varsity Grade 9&10- Practice 8:30am- 9:30am 
Sr. Varsity- Goalie Session 8:30am- 9:30am Jr. Varsity- Practice/ Goalie Session- 9:40am- 10:40am
Prep Practice- 8:20am- 9:20am
Sr. Varsity Grade 9 and 10- Practice 8:30 – 9:30 am
Jr. Varsity- Practice 9:40- 10:40 am 
Prep Study Hall- 8:20am- 9:50am
 Sr. Varsity- Team Session 8:30 – 9:30 am 

Jr. Varsity – Intramurals

Hill Performance.

We are excited to welcome back our students into a new year with new opportunities for growth and success. Our programming has shifted to a high work capacity general preparation hybrid phase for both hockey and lacrosse. We’ve built a strong foundation of training technique the past 4 months, and now it is time to ramp up the intensity through high volume, high intensity circuit style training. It is great for our athletes to rebuild their tank after a long break, learn to perform under both physical and mental fatigue as well as get them ready for the grind of what’s ahead.

For our journal activity, Coach Noble ran a session for our athletes to reflect on the past year and goal set for what’s to come. Our athletes first looked at regrets and failures of the past, and briefly touched on what they learned from them. Then we spoke on accountability. Brutally honest conversations help hold our athletes accountable and must be had in order to see where the roadblocks lie in each athletes development and process. The last part of their activity involved legacy statements; how do you want your coaches, teachers and peers to remember you or what would you want them to say about you?

Students were given their final assignment of the semester this week highlighting and analyzing their athletic progress report. This assignment is due at the end of the week and will contribute to the 30% of the culminating assignment grade allocated for the semester. Students also were to complete their first wellness survey of the year on Teambuildr. Please ensure your son/daughter complete these tasks, as there are few opportunities left to improve their grade.