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Hill Junior School: Weekly Parent Information

Announcements and Reminders:

Parent Night: Tomorrow, September 30th, at 4:00pm we will be hosting a parent night in the gym for all of the Junior School parents/ guardians and staff. In this meeting we will discuss our expectations, procedures and the curriculum that will be covered throughout the school year. We are all looking forward to meeting all of the parents.

Spirit Week/ Terry Fox Run:This past week, the PGs organized a “spirit week”, where students dressed in a new theme each day; pajama day, jersey day, country day, and Western day. This was all to raise money and awareness for the Terry Fox Foundation. We were impressed with the school spirit in the junior school, dressing in the themes, as well as pushing themselves in the Terry Fox run!

Orange Shirt Day:Tomorrow, Monday, September 30th is Orange Shirt Day. Students are encouraged to wear an orange shirt. Both classes watched a film called Indian Horse to gain some perspective on the lives of students who attended residential schools.  

Literacy/ Social Science

This week, both classes were introduced to their book for novel study. The grade 5/6s are reading Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and the grade 7/8s are reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne. We are all getting deeper in our read aloud novel; Lost in the Barens by Farley Mowat. 
In Social Sciences, the students were reviewing Canada’s provinces, territories and what sets them apart.

Math/ Science

In Math, the 5/6s wrote their first math quiz on symmetry and classifying, constructing, and measuring angles. Next week the class will be introduced to translating, rotating, and reflecting shapes. The 7/8s also had their first math quiz on intersecting lines, relationships between angles, and perpendicular and parallel lines. Next week, the 7/8s will be introduced to the Pythagorean theorem. 
In Science, the 5/6s began learning about the four forces that affect flight and began brainstorming different designs of airplanes to test in our paper airplane challenge next week. After testing our designs we will learn about the physics behind flight and the natural laws that govern flight. The 7/8s will be presenting their system of choice next week to the class and then will be moving on to learn about simple machines.


This week, the competitive challenge was Soccer. This was another strong showing for The Feathers!
Here are the standings after week 2:

PlaceTeamPoint Totals
1st PlaceThe Feathers (Team #3)33
2nd PlaceBig Red Beauties (Team #4)22
3rd PlaceThe Dusters (Team #2)19
4th PlaceThe Unicorns (Team #1)13

Team 1- The Unicorns

  • Bo
  • Kingston
  • Jake
  • Spencer
  • Antonio

Team 2- The Dusters

  • Riley
  • Domenico
  • Leif
  • Andrew H.
  • Karver

Team 3- The Feathers

  • Brenna
  • Rhys
  • Chase
  • Andrew S.
  • Mason

Team 4- The Big Red Beauties

  • Colton
  • Will
  • Curtis
  • Ryder
  • Jackson

The Week Ahead- September 30th- October 4th

Important Upcoming Dates

Parent Night- September 30th @ 4:00pm in the Gym 

Orange Shirt Day- September 30th

Have a great week!
Mr. Cook and Ms. McCracken