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Hill Junior School: Weekly Parent Information

Announcements and Reminders:

Remembrance Day: Tomorrow we will be having a school- wide Remembrance Day ceremony. If there is anyone who has pictures of family members, family friends or anyone they know who has served and wants them to be included in the slideshow tomorrow please send pictures of them to senior social science teacher Jennifer Languay ( 

There will also be a donation box for anyone who wants to donate to the Canadian Legion. Any donations will be appreciated and any donation amount will be accepted.

Progress Report Cards and Parent/ Teacher Night:Progress report cards will be sent home with the students tomorrow. Parent/ teacher night is on November 20th from 4pm- 6:30pm. Please reach out to the teachers directly by email in order to set up an appointment within that time frame. If you are unable to attend but wish to discuss your child’s progress with a teacher, please reach out to them directly in order to set up a telephone call. In order to accommodate all parents, meetings will be capped at 10 min in length. 

Math and Science- Jake.Cook@thehillacademy.comLanguage Arts, Social Science, Visual Arts/ Drama, and

Health- Courtney.McCracken@thehillacademy.comFrench- lmagnan@thehillacademy.comPhysical Education-

HILL Session:In this week’s HILL session, four PG students led a session with the theme of “Legacy”. The students were asked to write down their number, with a description of what they want their legacy to be at the school. We will be posting these tiles in the classrooms. We encourage you to talk to your student(s) about what they wrote down. 

Literacy/ Social Science

The focuses for the week were writing conventions and grammar. Additionally, both classes continued their adventure through their novels. Class time was given for students to ask further questions, gather more information and create a plan for their nutrition infographic. They’re looking great thus far and the students seem to be quite proud of their products.

In Grade 7 /8 social sciences, we explored the early settlements of Canada, the commencement of Canada’s logging industry in the East, and the beginning of the industrial revolution. In the 5/6 social studies class, we invited guest speaker Drazen Glisic to cover his story of immigrating to Canada as a war refugee and how fortunate we are to live in Canada. 

Math/ Science

In Math, the grade 5/6s were introduced to our next unit: Number Sense and Numeration. We focused on understanding place values of decimal numbers and worked on ordering decimal numbers from least to greatest. We will be moving on to how fractions relate to decimals and percents. In Science, we watched the documentaryOne Strange Rock to introduce the class to how the sun and solar energy relates to electricity and energy. 
In Math, the 7/8s were introduced to two new ways of showing their work when solving, adding and multiplying fractions. The area model and number lines are tools we are using in order to show our work in more of a visual way. We will be continuing to work on mastering these techniques next week. In Science, we were introduced to the structure of a formal lab report (Introduction, Procedure, Observations, Discussion, Conclusion). We will use what we learned to write our formal report for our Mechanical Advantage Experiment. 


A short break in the action, stay tuned!

The Week Ahead- November 11th- 14th

Upcoming Dates:

November 11th- Progress Reports

November 11th- Remembrance Day

November 15th- PD Day (No school or practices)

November 20th- Parent/ Teacher Night 

Have a great week!
Mr. Cook and Ms. McCracken