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Hill Junior School: Weekly Parent Information

Hill Junior School: Weekly Parent Information

Announcements and Reminders:

Field Trip to Caledon Campus- Friday, November 22nd

This Friday our Junior school students will be visiting the Caledon campus as well as skating at Teen Ranch arena. Students need to bring their hockey equipment as well as warm clothes for outdoor activities. Transportation will be provided to and from the Hill Academy.

Thursday Intramurals
This Thursday the students will be going to a local community centre for intramurals. 

Parent/ Teacher Night:

Parent/ teacher night is on November 20th from 4pm- 6:30pm. Please reach out to the teachers directly by email in order to set up an appointment within that time frame. If you are unable to attend but wish to discuss your child’s progress with a teacher, please reach out to them directly in order to set up a telephone call. In order to accommodate all parents, meetings will be capped at 10 min in length. 

Math and Science-

Language Arts, Social Science, Visual Arts/ Drama, and Health-

French- lmagnan@thehillacademy.comPhysical


Literacy/ Social Science

Our literacy classes focused on identifying and correcting proper grammar this week, performing small tasks each day. The grade 7/8s completed two more chapters of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas novel. The grade 5/6s are progressing through their novel Hatchet and it is beginning to get interesting. The students seemed to be engaged in the stories; they are asking great questions, relating scenes to prior knowledge and personal experiences, and some are researching their inferences about the novel proving a higher level of understanding.  
Students from both classes were asked to make some revisions to their nutrition infographic for health class and will be presenting their masterpieces this week. They all look great!

Math/ Science

In Math, the grade 5/6s worked on their rounding skills to multiple place values (nearest tenth and hundredth) and they were introduced to decimals and how they relate to percents. This upcoming week we will further explore fractions and changing fractions to percentages. In Science, the 5/6s discovered the difference between static and current electricity. This week we will be learning about different sources of electricity and where electricity comes from. 
In Math, the 7/8s continued to practice showing their work when adding and multiplying fractions. This week we will be exploring different fraction word problems. In Science, the 7/8s started a new unit; Fluids. We examined the particle theory, the three states of matter, and the universal solvent water. This upcoming week we will be focusing on understanding how matter changes states from solid, liquid, to gas. 


Excited to continue the action on Thursday!

The Week Ahead- November 18th- 22nd

Upcoming Dates:

November 20th- Parent/ Teacher Night

November 22nd- Caledon Campus Field Trip (**bring equipment!) 

Have a great week!

Mr. Cook and Ms. McCracken