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Hill Junior School: Weekly Parent Information

Hill Junior School: Weekly Parent Information

Announcements and Reminders:

Short Week- School is Closed November 28th and 29th For American Thanksgiving, school is closed Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th. Have a great long weekend!

Literacy/ Social Science

Practicing proofreading was the focus of most of the language blocks this week. One read through of the material can make a significant impact on the final assignment!

The grade 7/8s continued to read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. The grade 5/6s worked through two more chapters of their novel Hatchet.

Last week we started the nutrition infographic assignments. With more presentations to go this week, the bar has been raised, as students are showing a deep understanding of their topics. During presentations, we are encouraging the students to check their SLANT (sit up, listen, ask & answer, nod, track the speaker) to show respect to the presenter. A safe, positive atmosphere is being established in order for the students to present in front of the class.   

Students are putting on their creative hats exploring the seven elements of design in art class. We will be using these skills in our next project.

Math/ Science

In Math, the grade 5/6s were introduced to decimal fractions and how they relate to what we have learned regarding place values. In order to represent decimal fractions we used base ten blocks to show how decimal fractions relate to tenths, hundredths, and thousandths. In Science, the 5/6s learned about the many sources in which we can transfer energy or create electricity from such as; solar, wind, nuclear, hydro, and fossil fuels. This upcoming week we will be focusing on how to measure electricity. 

In Math, the 7/8s worked on their Fractions Unit Review Packet for most of the week in order to be prepared for our Test on Monday, November 25th. Next week, we will be moving on to our next unit: Ratios, Rates, Decimals, and Percents. In Science, we focused on the relationship between viscosity and flow rate of fluids. We explored these properties at the particle level in order to best know how the particles behave in different fluids. Next week, we will look at understanding density, mass, and volume and how they relate to fluids. 


Totals after WEEK #7 – Basketball

PlaceTeamPoint Totals
1st PlaceThe Beauties (Team #4)71
2nd PlaceThe Feathers (Team #3)69
3rd PlaceThe Unicorns (Team #1)63
4th PlaceThe Dusters (Team #2)56

The Week Ahead- November 25th- 27th

Upcoming Dates:

November 28th and November 29th – School is closed

Have a great week!
Mr. Cook and Ms. McCracken