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Hill Junior School: Weekly Parent Information

Announcements and Reminders:

Term 1 Report Cards- February 6th:

Term 1 report cards will be sent home on Thursday, February 6th. 

Outdoor Physical Education- Monday, February 3rd

Please come prepared to play outside; winter coat, hat, mittens, etc. 

Literacy/ Social Science

The grade 7/8s have completed their final projects for their novel study and they are fabulous! They were given the opportunity to select their own format for these projects, The formats included; a model of a scene from the book, a powerpoint presentations, a recreation of the novel’s book cover, and an A-Z book. It is evident that a lot of dedication, work and thought has been put into these projects.

The grade 5/6s have completed reading their novel Hatchet. Many of the students  still have lingering questions. This week we started to unpack some of these questions, themes, and deeper lessons that the book offers. It is challenging to imagine yourself in the protagonist’s shoes in being forced to rely solely on the land. We are trying to identify lessons learned and the resulting permanent impacts for Brian. 

In social sciences, grade 5/6 students are working in groups to ask questions and develop inquiry skills based on their own topic. Each group will have opportunities to share their findings to their classmates. As an introduction to the group task, the students viewed a map with labels and facts surrounding international trade within North America. The students identified questions that they had, and wrote them down on sticky notes. The students showed a lot of curiosity and came up with some great questions as they explored the concept. Next, students will do the same activity with their own group topic.

Being inspired by our novel in Language Arts, the grade 7/8s have taken an opportunity to dive a little deeper into the historical events of the Holocaust. The students had many questions surrounding the dictatorship, soldiers’ choices and camps after completing the book. We are finishing up our history unit guided by the students’ interests before we slightly switch gears to geography for term two.

Both classes have explored optical illusions. Most are showing a lot of patience when it comes to finishing this task. There are some students who are having to work on developing an open mind to the creative brain to just let the pencil flow.

Math/ Science

In Math, the grade 5/6s will be moving on to Data Management & Probability. This week the class explored what is an experiment, outcome and event. The class explored this concept by rolling a dice. “Rolling the dice” is the experiment, the number the dice landed on is the outcome, the dice landing on an even number is an event. After understanding the difference between the three concepts, we moved on to representing probability. Next week, we will continue to work on representing probability and how to calculate probability. In Science, the class was introduced to how all living things are classified. Classification is how scientists sort all the living things into groups according to their likeness. Moving forward, we are going to continue to grasp classification and move towards understanding how all these different living things interact with one another.  

In Math, the grade 7/8s were introduced to integers and covered the rules of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of integers. We also reviewed BEDMAS to understand the order of operations as we will be moving towards questions that require more than 3 steps to complete. Next week we will be using models (number line and counter model) in order to show our work when answering integer questions. In Science, we began our unit on Cells and explored the question: what classifies something as a living thing? We focused on deriving characteristics of life and defined a cell as the smallest functional unit of life. Next week, we are focusing on comparing the differences between plant and animal cells.


Super Bowl Friday at the Hill! Results for the week are shown below. Students battled through frozen hands from the winter snow in true Canadian fashion! 

PlaceTeamPoint Totals
1st PlaceJelly Fish 45
2nd PlaceStage 2 Dusters44
3rd PlacePop Tropica36
4th PlaceThe Sweats34

The Week Ahead- February 3rd- February 7th

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday, February 6th-Report cards go home. 

Tuesday, February 18th- Grade 8 Grad Photos & Missed School Photos. Photos start at 8:30am on 2nd Floor outside office door.  Note: Male students to wear collared dress shirt and tie, and female students a collared shirt for grad photos. Students to wear Hill Polo shirts for missed photos
Have a great week! 

Mr. Cook and Ms. McCracken