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Hill Junior School: Weekly Parent Information

Announcements and Reminders:

Outdoor Physical Education- Monday, February 10th

Please come prepared to play outside; winter coat, hat, mittens, etc.

Literacy/ Social Science 

The grade 7/8’s are forming an opinion as to whether they enjoyed the movie or the text version of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. They are developing supportive arguments as evidence for why their opinion is correct. These opinions will evolve into an opinion essay as we go through the steps of essay writing. We also took the opportunity this week to refocus on our values at the Hill Academy as we move forward with term two.
The grade 5/6’s completed their final novel study test with flying colours this week. We are breaking down the plot of the story we read. The students are watching examples of student-created book trailers, and are identifying feedback as to what was appealing and what could have been improved. 
In Social Sciences, the grade 5/6 students were given the opportunity to be curious and ask questions based on their topic of the global community. Each group will get the opportunity to pass on their findings to their classmates. Each group filled out a chart paper with questions on their topic, then discussed and identified the three most important questions to dive deeper into. Through this activity, the students are working on presentation skills and public speaking.

The grade 7/8 class is diving deeper into the historical events of the Holocaust. Students had many questions surrounding dictatorship, soldiers’ choices and camps after completing the book. We are completing our history unit guided by the students’ interests and underlying questions before we switch gears to geography for term two. This week we watched videos with interviews from holocaust survivors. The students were encouraged to let their thoughts and emotions flow on paper as they began a gallery walk of a number texts, pictures and maps around the classroom.

Math/ Science

In Math, the grade 5/6s focused on learning how to calculate probabilities from events and continued to represent probabilities using fractions, decimals, and percentages. With the help of a likelihood table and a probability line, we continued to work on describing and comparing probabilities. Next week, we will be moving towards inferring probabilities from events in experiments and introducing mean, median, and mode. 

In Science, the class was introduced to our first small assignment in this unit on Biodiversity. They were asked to choose a family of living things to research. Next week, the students will continue to gather information on their family of choice and start thinking about how they are going to present the information. 

In Math, the grade 7/8s wrote a quiz on integers. This quiz covered all of the operations and had questions where they had to show their work using number lines and counter models. This week we will be focusing on answering integer questions that require 3-5 steps to complete using our knowledge of BEDMAS. In Science, we focused on what distinguishes a plant from an animal cell and learned the functions of important organelles. Next week, we will be focusing on the discovery of microscopes and the impact that it had on science.


The standings remain the same this week. This week, we took some time to think about how we can be a team and make positive talk become a habit. Tune in this Friday where we will put our “pass the ball” mentality and throwing accuracy to the test when we get back to the game of dodgeball. *Remember to wear your team colours, so you can earn yourself full points. Homemade efforts are encouraged!

PlaceTeamPoint Totals
1st PlaceJelly Fish 45
2nd PlaceStage 2 Dusters44
3rd PlacePop Tropica36
4th PlaceThe Sweats34

The Week Ahead- February 10th- February 14th

Upcoming Dates:

February 11th- Grade 7 & 8 will welcome a guest from the Educated Choices Program to our class to engage students in an interactive presentation, encouraging students to develop critical thinking skills while they empower them to make thoughtful and responsible food choices. 

Tuesday, February 18th- Grade 8 Grad Photos & Missed School Photos. Photos start at 8:30am on 2nd Floor outside office door.  Note: Male students to wear collared dress shirt and tie, and female students a collared shirt for grad photos. Students to wear Hill Polo shirts for missed photos.

Have a great week!
Mr. Cook and Ms. McCracken