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Hill Junior School: Weekly Parent Information

Announcements and Reminders:

Parent Night: Monday September 30th at 4:00pm we will be hosting a parent night in the gym for all of the Junior School parents/ guardians and staff. In this meeting we will discuss our expectations, procedures and most importantly, the curriculum that will be covered throughout the school year. We are all looking forward to meeting all of the parents.

iPads:With our students using their iPads on a daily basis for classroom activities, we ask that all social media accounts (instagram, snapchat, etc) and iMessage are deleted or turned off. 

Agendas:We encourage students to have an agenda. Their homework is posted at the back of the class everyday. It is a great practice for students to copy down their homework into their agenda and have these items checked at home every night.

H.I.L.L Session:This past Wednesday was our first H.I.L.L. session with the PG Leadership class. The goal of this session is to develop personal leadership skills, while fostering a community and developing bonds between the students. Today the class’ focus was being vulnerable and establishing trust. The session started off with a round of “speed dating”, where they had one minute to get to know each other. Then each of the junior school students were assigned a “buddy” from the PG class. They will be working with these buddies throughout the year. We encourage you to talk to your child about these HILL sessions!

Literacy/ Social Science

In language arts, both classes dove into a new novel by Canadian author Farley Mowatt. Additionally, the reading comprehension pre assessments were completed. Grades 5-8 have been completing a higher level thinking journal entry each day which may involve a video, a reading, an article, or a quote or reflection of their own performance. Next week, we will begin guided reading groups and prepare for our first novel study.
Students were refreshing their mapping skills using a map of Canada in Social Sciences. Next week, Grade 5/6 will continue to explore regions of Canada, while the 7/8 will dive deeper into Canada and its physical features.

Math/ Science
In Math, the 5/6s began developing skills and strategies to help measure and classify angles using a protractor. The Grade 7/8s were introduced to intersecting lines and a multitude of relationships between the angles that are created from these lines.
In Science, our 5/6s explored further the reason why structures are designed the way they are and learned how forces act on structures. The 7/8’s continued to work on understanding the components of systems and began to identify the purpose, input, and output of systems. Next week, the 7/8s will be introduced to their first project where they will research a system and determine its purpose, inputs, and outputs. We will be having presentations the following week.
This week we kicked off our intramurals. The students were placed on teams, and they came up with their team names and colours. The teams are listed below. 
Team 1- The Unicorns

  • Bo
  • Kingston
  • Jake
  • Spencer
  • Antonio

Team 2- The Dusters

  • Riley
  • Domenico
  • Leif
  • Andrew H.
  • Karver

Team 3- The Feathers

  • Brenna
  • Rhys
  • Chase
  • Andrew S.

Team 4- The Big Red Beauties

  • Colton
  • Will
  • Curtis
  • Ryder

Here are the standings after week 1:

PlaceTeamPoint Totals
1st PlaceThe Feathers (Team #3)15
2nd PlaceBig Red Beauties (Team #4)11
3rd PlaceThe Dusters (Team #2)6
3rd PlaceThe Unicorns (Team #1)6

The Week Ahead- September 23rd- 27th

Important Upcoming Dates
Parent Night- September 30th @ 4:00pm in the Gym 
Terry Fox Run- September 25th

Have a great week!
Mr. Cook and Ms. McCracken