NEW DATE! Saturday May 1, 2021 (subject to regional guidelines)

General Rules & Guidelines


  • Players must submit health waivers in advance of the tournament (will be supplied to coaches to distribute to players)

  • Players must check in on game day and pass a health/temperature check per Covid-19 Guidelines at the designated area.

  • Player roster is maximum of 14 players born in the appropriate years for the division.

  • Maximum of 3 coaches.

  • Games are 36 minutes in length on half field, sideline to sideline.

  • Round robin games can end in a tie.

  • Final games that are tied after regulation time will be decided by a Braveheart.

  • There will be no prolonged or deliberate contact.

  • There will be no faceoffs. Initial possession will be given to the visitor in the first half, the home team in the second.

  • After a goal, possession will be granted to the opposing team at half.

  • Scrums will be blown down with alternating possessions after 2 seconds. 

  • Players are to socially distance on the bench.

  • Players will wear masks when entering/leaving the field and at all times between games.

  • Coaches and officials will wear masks.

  • Spectators are not permitted.

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