Our Founders Welcome


The Hill Academy is based on the concept that Sport is a Laboratory for life. Our student athletes are immersed in a transformational program, using all the positive elements of sport in an academic environment to build paths for future short and long term success in school, athletics, and life in general. All members of The Hill Academy community; student athletes, their families, as well as highly qualified staff, in a nurturing environment, all dedicated to the H I L L culture, make up a dynamic and effective platform for foundational individual growth and development.

Peter Merrill, Founder

 About The Hill Academy

The Hill Academy was founded in 2006 in order to provide optimal academic and athletic programming for dedicated student-athletes. Hill graduates have been placed in some of the most prestigious academic and athletic institutions in the world, and many have gone on to become premier professional athletes in their sport. The Hill Academy is an institution for students who are committed to striving academically, and who would like an opportunity to take an in-depth exploration into their respective sport.


The Hill Academy provides academic and athletic programs tailored to each individual based on assessments and goals of the student-athlete.


The Hill Academy provides a disciplined and challenging program, with a high level of care and accountability. All of which is constructed in a positive, respectful and healthy environment.



The Hill Academy provides educational and athletic situations that will form the bases for life long learning.



The Hill Academy provides opportunities for student-athletes to learn leadership skills, teamwork and personal responsibility.

Reaching Your Highest Level of Achievement

Shane Wright Hill Academy


Hill academic and athletic programs are established to encourage, challenge, and motivate student-athletes to reach their own HIGHEST LEVEL level of achievement.


Hill student-athletes are taught to make decisions and to work through his/her academics and athletics INDEPENDENTLY.  Support will be provided on an ongoing basis with the goal of preparation for “the next level”.


The Hill student-athlete will be given the opportunity to develop and improve LEADERSHIP skills. These skills can be applied throughout the student athlete’s life.


The Hill student-athlete will be shown the value of legacy, and will be provided with many opportunities to leave a positive LEGACY at every point of contact.

Meet Our Academic Team

Christy Flynn, The Hill Academy
Christy Flynn

Senior School Principal

Mrs. Flynn has been with The Hill Academy for over 10 years. After receiving her BA(H) at Queen’s University, Christy went abroad to complete her Graduate Diploma in Education in Melbourne, Australia.


Combining her interests in the academic process and moving students towards their next level has brought Christy to her current role as the Secondary School Principal.

Tory Merrill, The Hill Academy
Tory Merrill

Junior School Principal

Tory Merrill is excited to be a part of the Hill Academy academic staff working with dedicated student-athletes that are motivated to learn and grow.


Tory earned a Bachelor’s degree in physical education and health from the University of Toronto, a Master’s degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa and a Bachelor’s of Professional Studies in Education degree from Niagara University. 

C. Kirkpatrick.heic
Casey Kirkpatrick

Junior School Vice Principal

Casey Kirkpatrick is an accomplished Ontario educator with over 15 years' experience in public education. She is passionate about education and believes that the best teachers educate with their hearts, not just their minds. Casey completed her BA at the University of Guelph before receiving her Masters in Teaching degree from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. 


Casey's love of sports and her drive for student success and leadership has led her to her current position of Junior School Vice Principal. She looks forward to helping students reach their highest level of achievement and is excited to become a member of The Hill Academy community!

Jon Moore
Jon Moore

Senior School Vice Principal

Jon Moore is excited to enter his first year at The Hill. After completing his B.A. in 2006 and B.Ed. at Nipissing in 2008, he has spent his career working throughout various Northern Ontario and GTA schools as a homeroom and special education teacher.

Having worked with student-athletes at both the secondary and college level over the last decade, he aspires to assist students at The Hill to achieve both their academic and athletic goals.

Elle Barber

Senior School
Science & Math

Elle Barber earned a honours bachelor's of science degree in Biochemistry at WLU with teachables in, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics from Schulich School of Education | Nipissing University. 

Greg Beasley, The Hill Academy
Greg Beasley

Senior School
Social Science & Humanities


Courtney Bruzzese, The Hill Academy
Courtney Bruzzese

Senior School, Math

Courtney Bruzzese earned a Bachelor's degree in visual arts and education with a second teachable in mathematics from Brock University. She has worked abroad with students from both Canada and Asia and combines the creativity of visual arts with the logical and analytical nature of mathematics in her practice. 

Andrew Collins, The Hill Academy
Andrew Collins

Junior School, Social Science

Andrew Collins is in second year at the Hill Academy as one of the social sciences teachers.  Andrew graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in History with a minor in Geography, from the University of Guelph in 2012.  Andrew completed his Bachelor of Education from the University of Brock in 2015. 


In the years since University, Andrew has worked as a therapist for students with special needs in schools and at summer camps throughout Ontario, and he spent 3 years teaching English as a Second Language in South Korea. 

Jake Cook, The Hill Academy
Jake Cook

Junior School, Math & Science

Jake Cook is an alumnus of The Hill Academy and is returning to teach Math/Science in our Junior School that consists of grades 5-8.
He graduated from Providence College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology while playing for the Men’s Providence College Lacrosse Team. He was a Big East All-Academic and is excited to be back at The Hill Academy.

Luc Magnan, The Hill Academy
Luc Magnan


Luc Magnan, a Hill Academy Alumni, joined the coaching staff after graduating from Robert Morris University.  Luc graduated with a Bachelor in English Degree. He has been the core French teacher for the past 6 years spending time in both the Senior and Junior School. 

In addition to teaching Luc has also been a House Don to our boarding students for the past 6 years.  

Carly Quinn

Senior School
Social Science & English

Carly has been teaching and coaching at The Hill Academy since 2012. She has taught in both the Junior School and High School. Carly attended Canisius College where she completed her Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education and Health while also studying History. 

John Siskos

Senior School, Business & Social Science

John Siskos is thrilled to be a part of an educational team that strives to help student athletes pursue their personal, academic, and athletic goals.  


John received a Bachelor of Social Science in Criminal Justice at Humber Lakeshore, and a Bachelor of Education from Western University with a specialization in the Psychology of Student Achievement, Inclusion, and Mental Health.  

Laura Tober

Senior School


Laura earned a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with a minor in history from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2011. Laura then went on to complete Teacher’s College from Brock University in 2021.


While at Laurier she was a member of the Women’s Varsity Lacrosse team, and in her time between schoolings she has spent her time working as a strength and conditioning coach for several local, varsity, Jr and professional level sporting teams. Laura is incredibly excited to join the team of dedicated educators helping to foster the desires of the dedicated student athletes at the Hill Academy.

Travis Wight.jpg
Travis Wight

Senior School
English & Social Science


This is Travis’ seventh year as a coach for the prep hockey team. He is a graduate of the University of Maine. After playing NCAA Division I hockey for the Black Bears, Travis went on to play 8 years of professional hockey in North America and Europe. During his professional playing career Travis was also able to complete his master’s degree in education.

Jennifer Bell, Athletic Therapist
Jennifer Bell

Athletic Therapist


Jennifer is a graduate from Laurentian University Human Kinetics specializing in Health Promotions. Upon graduation Jennifer attended the Athletic Therapy program at York University and has been a Certified Athletic Therapist for the past 15 years. Jennifer has numerous continuing education courses that she implements in her practice and is currently pursuing her Masters in Human Kinetics. On top of her work as an Athletic Therapist, Jennifer also sits on several committees both Provincially and Nationally.

Prior to starting at The Hill Academy, Jennifer was the Head Athletic Therapist at Humber College for 14 years. She has also had the honour of working with our National U-19 Lacrosse programs, including winning the World Championship in 2015, and our National Artistic Swimming program. Away from work, Jennifer is a busy Mom to three young children who enjoy participating in sports and activities themselves.