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The Hill Academy Newsletter- December 13th, 2020

December 13th, 2020 HILL Message (from Academic Director Rick Kunc): Let us be our very best. Our HILL principles are all about being our best and this past week was filled with our students at their best. Our door decorating was stellar, our leadership class was cutting down Christmas trees and selling those to our community, our girls' lacrosse team will be collecting donations for Kenya Lacrosse and our Writers Craft students started a food drive for the Orangeville Food Bank. This in addition to practicing hard and showing up in the classroom every day. Even with the holiday pending, our students once again answered the call. The message in our Monday assembly this week is about being our very best in the darkest of moments. Covid 19 has clearly brought some dark moments and as we have said many times our students have answered the call with their best each time we have asked it of them. We are now asking you to be your best over the holidays. We have been trying to get out from under the restrictions from the pandemic for almost a year now. With the vaccine on the horizon, we are all hopeful of some type of normalcy returning to our lives. And now is when it is the easiest to let our guard down. So, it is now that we must double down on being our best. Over the holidays, please limit whom you see. Please wash your hands often. Please respect social distancing and wear a mask. Please take all the steps that your local jurisdiction asks of you to stop the spread of Covid 19. Please be at your best. Doing so will help to ensure a safe return to The Hill in the New Year and will help to ensure that you and the ones you love stay well. And of course, enjoy the holidays. No matter what your religious affiliation, enjoy this time with your family and take some time to unplug, get outside, and take a breath. It is these opportunities that provide us with the reboot and the charge for our batteries. And we need that charge of energy to be our best when we come back to The Hill in the New Year. Happy Holidays and see you all in 2021!

Quote of the Week: "Mom? This box is meowing."