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The Hill Academy Newsletter- November 15th, 2020

November 15th, 2020 HILL Message (from Academic Director Rick Kunc): Feedback. Touch a hot stove element. Feels hot. Finger gets a burn. That is feedback that, in theory, should correct our behaviour and make us better. Some may call it negative feedback, others may call it positive feedback. Because it changes behaviour, I would call it effective feedback. And we need effective feedback to grow and be our best selves. In our HILL ideals it is how we can reach our Highest Level of Achievement. WELL DONE! Makes us feel good. But how do you grow from that. NICE PASS! Feeds our ego, but really doesn’t prepare me to make a better pass or reflect on what I could have done instead of pass. Neither creates the conditions to get better. If we read “Well done, you are able to accurately describe the difference between ecosystems, but you haven’t shown me that you understand how different ecosystems interact” then we have the opportunity to get better. If our coach says “Nice pass, and next time I want you to take two more steps to draw the defender even closer and then pass” allows us the opportunity to grow as a player. So here is the rub. Effective feedback gives us the opportunity to get better, but we still must do something with it. Those 2 examples of feedback give us the opportunity to use that feedback to get better, but that decision is in our hands. Report cards were recently sent out to students. And each report card is simply a collection of feedback for our students. Each suggested some strategies, actions, skills that you as the student could work on to improve. Depending on your personal lens, you may see that as a negative, or you may see it as effective feedback that gives you the opportunity to improve. Improvement is very personal and requires a personal commitment. It requires you to be ok getting feedback that identifies an area for growth. If you accept the report card feedback for what it is, you have the opportunity to work with your teachers and make some changes that will help you to grow to reach the highest level of achievement in the classroom that you can. And this month we are walking the walk. In this week’s newsletter there is a link to our 2020 Parent Survey. This is an in-depth dive into all aspects of our program. We deliver a premier program for student-athletes. And if we rest on that, then we won’t be the best for long. To get better we need your feedback. We are starting with parents, but we intend to survey alumni, students and others to gather feedback that will give us the opportunity to develop a strategic plan that will make us even better. Thank you in advance to all of our parents who take the time to complete the survey and give us the opportunity to get better.