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The Hill Academy Newsletter- November 15th, 2020

November 15th, 2020 HILL Message (from Academic Director Rick Kunc): Feedback. Touch a hot stove element. Feels hot. Finger gets a burn. That is feedback that, in theory, should correct our behaviour and make us better. Some may call it negative feedback, others may call it positive feedback. Because it changes behaviour, I would call it effective feedback. And we need effective feedback to grow and be our best selves. In our HILL ideals it is how we can reach our Highest Level of Achievement. WELL DONE! Makes us feel good. But how do you grow from that. NICE PASS! Feeds our ego, but really doesn’t prepare me to make a better pass or reflect on what I could have done instead of pass. Neither creates the conditions to get better. If we read “Well done, you are able to accurately describe the difference between ecosystems, but you haven’t shown me that you understand how different ecosystems interact” then we have the opportunity to get better. If our coach says “Nice pass, and next time I want you to take two more steps to draw the defender even closer and then pass” allows us the opportunity to grow as a player. So here is the rub. Effective feedback gives us the opportunity to get better, but we still must do something with it. Those 2 examples of feedback give us the opportunity to use that feedback to get better, but that decision is in our hands. Report cards were recently sent out to students. And each report card is simply a collection of feedback for our students. Each suggested some strategies, actions, skills that you as the student could work on to improve. Depending on your personal lens, you may see that as a negative, or you may see it as effective feedback that gives you the opportunity to improve. Improvement is very personal and requires a personal commitment. It requires you to be ok getting feedback that identifies an area for growth. If you accept the report card feedback for what it is, you have the opportunity to work with your teachers and make some changes that will help you to grow to reach the highest level of achievement in the classroom that you can. And this month we are walking the walk. In this week’s newsletter there is a link to our 2020 Parent Survey. This is an in-depth dive into all aspects of our program. We deliver a premier program for student-athletes. And if we rest on that, then we won’t be the best for long. To get better we need your feedback. We are starting with parents, but we intend to survey alumni, students and others to gather feedback that will give us the opportunity to develop a strategic plan that will make us even better. Thank you in advance to all of our parents who take the time to complete the survey and give us the opportunity to get better.

Quote of the Week: "Average players want to be left alone. Good players want to be coached. Great players want to be told the truth.” Doc Rivers- NBA all-star and current coach of the Philadelphia 76ers ________________________________________________________________________

Other Notes and Important Information: Monday Morning Assembly: There is a Monday morning assembly tomorrow. Secondary students will tune in by clicking the Zoom link below at 8:30am: Monday Morning Assembly OUAC/Ontario Universities Grade 12 /PG students who plan to apply for an Ontario University should note that applications are due to the OUAC by January 15th, 2021. Students can collect their OUAC login information from Kyle Kallay or by emailing Guidance Website Feel free to visit The Hill Academy Guidance website HERE. We will continue to add resources as the year goes on. Health and Safety at The Hill Academy The Joint Health and Safety Committee at The Hill Academy would like to extend a welcome to any member of our community (family, student, staff) to contact us with any health and safety concerns. Questions and/or concerns can be emailed to Graduation, Athletic Banquet and Alumni Night The Hill Academy typically celebrates the return of our alumni on the weekend of the American Thanksgiving, and this year the intention was to include our returning graduates in that weekend to celebrate their graduation ceremony. The restrictions around COVID-19 in Ontario have continued and we have made the decision to postpone all celebrations until the Spring of 2021. We regret that this will affect our 2020 graduates, but we will continue to monitor the situation in our area and will provide updates as they become available. Masks A continued reminder to both parents and students; masks are mandatory in our facilities and it is the student's responsibility to come every day with well-fitting, clean masks. If a student is seen wearing an ill-fitting mask, we will provide a Hill Academy mask and will send an invoice home for reimbursement. Introducing: Jennifer Bell (Athletic Therapist) Jennifer is a graduate from Laurentian University Human Kinetics specializing in Health Promotions. Upon graduation Jennifer attended the Athletic Therapy program at York University and has been a Certified Athletic Therapist for the past 15 years. Jennifer has numerous continuing education courses that she implements in her practice and is currently pursuing her Masters in Human Kinetics. On top of her work as an Athletic Therapist, Jennifer also sits on several committees both Provincially and Nationally. Prior to starting at The Hill Academy, Jennifer was the Head Athletic Therapist at Humber College for 14 years. She has also had the honour of working with our National U19 Lacrosse programs, including winning the World Championship in 2015, and our National Artistic Swimming program. Away from work, Jennifer is a busy Mom to three young children who enjoy participating in sports and activities themselves. Jennifer's role at The Hill Academy will not only include treatment and care of our students' injuries but guiding our Covid-19 management and protocols and the health and wellness of our school population. The Hill Academy Masks For Sale A reminder that our Hill Academy masks are available for sale through our online store. Students can select the "Pick-Up At School" option under the shipping tab. Masks can be picked up from the from the main office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Parent Survey Calling all parents, we need your feedback. We have embarked on a challenge to collect your experiences, beliefs and opinions of your Hill Academy experience. We want to hear from you, gather some evidence and chart a course to being even better. Please tell us what we are doing well and tell us where we can get better. We can't do this without you so we look forward to hearing from you. Parent Survey If you have any questions please contact the Director of Academics, Rick Kunc at HILL Athletics (From Athletic Director Brodie Merrill) Often times when bad things happen, we hear the line “things happen for a reason.” I've grown to resent that line, as there are some things in life I struggle to find any reason or silver lining to. Recently, my best friend from college Andy Corno, without warning discovered his 2 year old daughter Cameron was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She has since gone through chemo/radiation, several brain surgeries all during a global pandemic. Andy and his wife Stewi, have had to endure a lot in Cameron’s road to recovery. Andy was a three time All American face-off specialist at Georgetown. We used to call Andy “dad” amongst our peer group, because he was always mature beyond his years and would often make “dad- like" decisions. He is someone you would want behind the steering wheel in life. His wife Stewi, National Champion field hockey player at UNC, one of the most positive, upbeat, energetic people you will ever meet. Several times throughout this ordeal I heard them reference messages learned in sport. Sport can prepare you for some of life’s biggest struggles and adversity. There are few platforms like sport that can teach you life lessons in such a profound way. In sports, you could be doing everything right, but outcomes are not guaranteed. A referee makes a bad call, you get a bad bounce, an injury happens, sometimes you are simply, inexplicably on the wrong side of the breaks of the game. The message in this week’s morning assembly was “just move forward.” Find ways, regardless of circumstances to forge ahead, keep gaining ground, keep striving for a better day, with joy and optimism. Even in the darkest moments, search for hope and gratitude. I can’t think of better examples of this than Andy, Stewi, and their little daughter Cameron, who continue to battle and inspire with their strength and positivity. Andy and Stewi welcomed their second daughter Kaitlin this past Wednesday. I’d say Andy, Stewi, Cameron, and Kaitlin are a young family that can take on anything. This Week's Lacrosse Schedule: Monday: Remote Non-Athletic Day (no practices) Tuesday: Grade 9,10, 11 Boys Lacrosse: 8:10- 9:10am Practice @ The Hill Academy Grade 12, PG Boys Lacrosse: 9:30am- 10:30am Practice @ The Hill Academy Girls Lacrosse: 12:25pm- 1:25pm Practice @ The Hill Academy Wednesday: Grade 9,10, 11 Boys Lacrosse: 8:10- 9:10am Practice @ The Hill Academy Grade 12, PG Boys Lacrosse: 9:30am- 10:30am Practice @ The Hill Academy Girls Lacrosse: 12:25pm- 1:25pm Practice @ The Hill Academy Thursday: Grade 9,10, 11 Boys Lacrosse: 8:10- 9:10am Practice @ The Hill Academy Grade 12, PG Boys Lacrosse: 9:30am- 10:30am Practice @ The Hill Academy Girls Lacrosse: 12:25pm- 1:25pm Practice @ The Hill Academy Friday: Grade 9,10, 11 Boys Lacrosse: 8:10- 9:10am Practice @ The Hill Academy Grade 12, PG Boys Lacrosse: 9:30am- 10:30am Practice @ The Hill Academy Girls Lacrosse: 12:25pm- 1:25pm Practice @ The Hill Academy This Week's Hockey Schedule: Monday: Remote Non-Athletic Day (no practices) Prep Hockey: Please check Google Classroom for individual meeting times and link. Tuesday: Senior Varsity @ Teen Ranch Arena 8:15- 9:15am Prep Hockey: 8:15am- 9:15am Practice @ Alder Arena Wednesday: All Junior & Senior Varsity Goalie Session @ Teen Ranch Arena 8:15 - 9:15am Senior Varsity Skaters: 8:30am- 9:30am Practice @ Alder Arena Prep Hockey: 8:15am- 9:15am Individual Skill Development/ Goalie Training @ Alder Arena Thursday: Varsity Hockey: 8:15am- 9:15am Practice @ Teen Ranch Prep Hockey: 8:15am- 9:15am Positional Play/ Goalie Training @ Alder Arena Friday: Varsity Hockey: 8:15am- 9:15am Team Session @ The Hill Academy Prep Hockey: 8:15am- 9:15am Practice @ Alder Arena **Please note that parents are NOT permitted inside the arenas during practice time.**


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