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The Hill Academy Newsletter- October 11th, 2020

October 11th, 2020 HILL Message (from Academic Director Rick Kunc): This week and next are short weeks at the Hill Academy because of Canadian Thanksgiving. Normally this would be a time where so many of us would be gathering with family and reflecting on being thankful. It’s hard to be thankful right now. It’s easy to be distracted by the negative. The global pandemic has made it this way. It has impacted every aspect of our lives. The ability to gather with friends and family. Our school day, our sports, our ability to travel, our social opportunities, and on an on. It is easy to go down that rabbit hole, and it is awfully dark down there. OR you can choose to be thankful. You can choose to find the positives. We at the Hill Academy believe that it is those choices that we make that make us successful. We choose to take responsibility. We choose to do our homework. We choose to be a good teammate. We choose to back check when we are at the end of a shift and we are tired. These are all choices that we make, and the help to define us. This is no different. By choosing to show gratitude and be thankful we will be happier. The science does back this up. By showing gratitude, not only does the receiver of the information feel good, but it makes you happier.

  • We are thankful that our families continue to put their trust in us to create a safe academic and athletic environment despite the pandemic.

  • We are thankful for our students who have shown resiliency and flexibility in adapting to our new routines and the demands of bringing 250+ people onto a campus each day.

  • We are thankful for our staff, faculty and coaches who have extended themselves each and every day to support our student athletes in being successful.