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Guidance Support


The Hill Academy is dedicated to placing the student-athlete to the institution that meets their athletic and academic potential. Alumni from The Hill Academy are currently attending and thriving at top academic and athletic institutions across North America.

Getting Our Student Athletes To The Next Level!


At The Hill Academy the student-athletes receive individual attention from our Guidance department. Through individual attention, the Guidance department forms a personal relationship in order to ensure the student-athlete is on the right track towards graduating and meeting the requirements of their desired school, but also in assisting in the process and finding an institution that would be the perfect fit for the student-athlete.


The Hill Academy only offers Academic Level classes to ensure that the student-athlete meets the 16 core course requirement of the NCAA. With an in depth understanding of both Canadian and American universities, we make certain the student-athletes meet the admissions requirements of their desired school.


In order to help the Guidance Department make sure all transcript requests are satisfied in a timely fashion, please complete the Transcript Request Form. Be sure to complete with as much detail as possible to ensure that transcripts are sent to the appropriate party. If you require more than one transcript, please complete multiple request forms.


NCAA Eligibility Clearing Center

The NCAA has established a National Clearinghouse from which all decisions regarding an athlete’s initial eligibility at an institution will be determined. If the athlete is not registered and certified through the Clearinghouse he or she will not be able to participate in Division I or II athletics. Players interested in a US Division I or II University/College must be registered and certified by the NCAA Clearinghouse.

  1. From your computer visit the NCAA Eligibility Center

  2. Click on year and enter the site

  3. In the top right hand corner, click on “create account”

  4. A registration code will be sent to an active email that you submit and you will have to use this code to continue the registration

  5. We recommend you having a copy of your most recent transcript in front of you as the application requires you to describe your course work to date


New NCAA Compliance


Students will take a series of standardized tests during the college process and we encourage students and parents to consult with classroom faculty and the school counsellor before establishing a testing plan. It is the students’ responsibility to send official scores to the schools to which they apply.


Students are responsible for registering for the SAT test by the specified deadline



Students are responsible for registering for ACT test by the specified deadline


The AP


AP exams are administered on campus and students are responsible for registering by the specified deadline.




Students for whom English is not their native language, should consider taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The computer-based TOEFL is offered year-round at multiple sites in Canada and abroad.


A user-friendly resource for students, parents and teachers providing multimedia career descriptions, assessment tools, educational requirements, and career search tracking tools. The Career Portfolio Tool allows students to store personal interest assessment results, document extracurricular activities and build customized resumes.

This website can be used to search for Ontario universities and programs available at each university. It allows you to see what prerequisites and mark ranges are necessary for entrance to each program. There is also a link for scholarships available at each university.

A searchable database for all accredited Canadian Colleges and Universities. Search by name or province and compare schools and programs.

Provides an exhaustive database of American two (junior/community) and four year (university) programs. Search by location, major, community, etc. Very helpful site with links to most schools.

Official Ontario universities web site – lots of good links, FAQs, deadlines, etc. Most documents are “downloadable”.

Very helpful for international searches and for American schools. Lists private schools along with publicly funded institutions. Helpful tips about a variety of related topics.

The Ontario College & University transfer guide web site provides information on all formal transfer agreements between Ontario CAATs and universities. In many cases, students can enter the third year of a university program directly from third year of college. Searchable by program and location.

Canadian Colleges Directory

Links to all Canadian universities. Compare and contrast the different universities in Canada by clicking through on this comprehensive university listing to the schools of your choice.

Here you will find information about Ontario’s 24 colleges of Applied Arts & Technology, three Agricultural colleges and The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences. Whether you’re thinking of applying to college yourself or advising a prospective applicant, this is the place to start.

A Ministry of Education Website with fast links to essential information about Canadian colleges including careers, courses, admission procedures, finances and much more.

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