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Graduates Holding Diplomas

Senior School

(Grade 9-PG)

Our goal is to develop well-rounded student-athletes that are prepared for the demands and rigour of post secondary academics. Students are challenged in a supportive environment in order to explore the boundaries of their academic potential.

The Hill Academy Biology Class

Guided by the Ontario Ministry of Education, the Hill Academy students earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. 

Meaningful staff and student relationships are fostered through supportive classroom environments and small class sizes to ensure students’ academic and emotional needs are met. 

The Hill community is strengthened through consistent communication, and the guidance support provided to students is individualized and extensive.

Integrated academic opportunities are provided for all of our student-athletes to grow into the great leaders and people that they are capable of being.

Technology is embedded throughout the school as both a learning tool and a platform for student-athletes to balance their academic demands during athletic travel and competition.

The Hill Academy Business Trip Toronto
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