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The Hill Early Years Kindergarten Program


The Hill Early Years Kindergarten Program recognizes the uniqueness of the early learner. Our program is designed to promote individual choice,  agency, and rigorous opportunities for inquiry into both curriculum concepts and personal interests. It is centered on developing social skills and awareness of self. 


The primary goals of our Kindergarten program are:

  • to establish a strong foundation for learning in the early years;

  • to help children make a smooth transition from home, child care, or preschool settings to school settings;

  • to allow children to reap the many proven benefits of learning through relationships, and through play and inquiry;

  • to set children on a path of lifelong learning and physical activity;

  • develop nurture competencies that they will need to thrive in the world of today and tomorrow.

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Highlights of our Program



The Hill Early Years Kindergarten Program engages a level of co-creation with the children so that they are engaged in their own learning. This shared approach helps the children to expand their ideas and thinking and encourages them to collaborate with their classmates and educators. 




Each Hill Kindergarten student is exposed to a wide variety of “hands-on” activities that engage them by making real-world connections through exploration and a high level of questioning. This way of learning supports our students in developing their problem solving, critical thinking and fine/gross motor skills, while at the same time expanding their creative expression.




Through purposeful play, both inside and outdoors, students at the Hill will embrace adventure, develop literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills, stretch their creative thinking, all while developing critical social skills.




We believe that getting outside daily is an important part of school life. Our program provides our teachers and students with access to our picturesque campus, hiking trails and 134 acres of forest and green space. Our children will have the opportunity to explore our magical environment, where they will be able to stretch their thinking through their connections with the natural environment, and develop a passion for nature. 




The Hill Early Years Kindergarten physical education activities have been designed to support children in developing, acquiring, and learning the following important competencies:


  • Move - Students will develop psychomotor skills, tactics, and strategies that facilitate a variety of physical activities across diverse environments.

  • Think - Students will develop cognitive skills and strategies for a variety of movement contexts that facilitate critical thinking, decision-making, and problem solving. 

  • Feel - Students will develop skills and strategies that facilitate healthy and safe relationships with themselves, with others, and with their environment.

  • Act - Students will practice behaviour skills and strategies that facilitate movement competence and confidence.


Highlights of the Foundations of Sport Program - Learn to Skate, Learn to Swim, Introduction to Ball Sports, Mindfulness, Lacrosse, Yoga, Dance, Hiking, etc.




Finding one’s identity in the world, as an individual and a member of a community is an integral part of the education we offer at The Hill. Through our Social Emotional Learning our students develop integrity, compassion and character, while developing their natural curiosity. 



Children are active learners who are constantly making connections with the world around them. With their innate drive to learn and explore, regular field trips are a perfect way for our students to learn outside of a typical classroom setting. 



This is our Hill cross-age peer mentoring  program. Our Early Years students will form a partnership with an older Hill student. The purpose of this program is to guide our Early years students in many areas of their academic, social, and emotional development.  This partnership will occur weekly at a variety of learning spaces on campus.

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