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We are an innovative independent school designed for dedicated student-athletes.

Each individual has the opportunity to excel academically with small class sizes and a customized program to balance the demands of being a student-athlete.

Academic and athletic scheduling is fully integrated and complementary to ensure that each student-athlete is achieving excellence in both. State of the art technology and a hy-flex learning model is used to provide every student with the necessary tools to optimize their learning.

The Hill sets the foundation for academic, athletic, and personal development to enable each individual to maximize his or her full potential and ultimately reach and succeed at the next level.

While students are engaged in an outstanding academic program, they are training at an athletic level not normally available until College or University.

Junior School
Grades 1-8
Early Years

The Hill Early Years Kindergarten Program is a child-centred, developmentally appropriate, integrated program of learning.

Learn more.

Our supportive class settings and small class sizes ensure students’ academic and emotional needs are met.

Learn more.

Senior School
Grades 9-PG

Guided by the Ontario Ministry of Education, the Hill Academy students earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.  Learn more.

Guidance Support

The Hill Academy is dedicated to placing the student-athlete to the institution that meets their athletic and academic potential. To learn more about our Guidance Support click here.


Christy Flynn.jpg

Christy Flynn

Director of Academics

Tory Merrill.jpg

Tory Merrill


Jon Moore

Jon Moore

Senior School Vice Principal

C. Kirkpatrick.heic

Casey Kirkpatrick

Junior School Vice Principal


Andrew Collins

Junior School

Luke Griese

Secondary - Biology, Kinesiology

Carly Quinn

Secondary - English, Social Science

Drazen Glisic

Phys Ed

Jake Cook

Junior School

Graeme Hossack

Secondary - Math, Chemistry

John Siskos

Secondary - Business

Tanner Poole

Phys Ed

Emily Walko

Junior School

Luc Magnan

Secondary - French, Leadership

Connor Gillis

Secondary - Math, Physics

Navroop Navi

Secondary - Senior Math

Travis Wight

Secondary - English, Social Science

Erika Scott

Phys Ed

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