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Junior School

(Grades 1-8)

Our goal is to ignite a love and passion for school, and to empower a pursuit of academic excellence. We will encourage Hill Students to explore the boundaries of their potential.  We promote independent thinking in a safe, caring, family atmosphere.

The Program focuses on three main development components:  

  • Personal Academic Excellence

  • Character Development

  • Physical Literacy and Skill Development


The Hill Academy offers enriched academic programming for Junior School Students in Grades 1-8. We adhere to the Ontario Curriculum with a focus on key concepts and essential skills in Literacy and Numeracy.

Our supportive class settings and small class sizes ensure students academic and emotional needs are met. 

We believe that consistent communication with students and parents forms a foundation of teamwork and a sense of togetherness as we navigate through the academic experience.

On a daily basis, time and support are provided for direct teacher dialogue to work on personal academic goals. Ongoing formative assessments are in response to student strengths and needs.

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