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Careers at The Hill Academy

The Hill Academy is a private school for students in grades K to PG. Our unique athletic and academic programs provide an enriched and distinctive learning platform for academic excellence, high performance athletics, and personal growth.


The Hill Academy was founded in 2006 in order to provide optimal academic and athletic programming for dedicated student-athletes. Hill graduates have been placed in some of the most prestigious academic and athletic institutions in the world, and many have gone on to become premier professional athletes in their sport. The Hill Academy is an institution for students who are committed to striving academically, and who would like an opportunity to take an in-depth exploration into their respective sport.


The Hill Academy is a university preparatory school.  Accordingly, our courses focus on the development of the knowledge and academic skills necessary for entry to university programs.  It is our goal to present course material in a logical and organized fashion while exposing students to a variety of instructional strategies that will engage them in their learning. Our curriculum exceeds the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education as we offer a comprehensive and carefully selected complement of courses that will allow our students to follow diverse educational paths in preparation for the rigorous demands of university.

The Hill Academy is always looking for dynamic faculty, coaches and staff to join our high-performing team. All positions support our Mission, Vision, and Values and understand our HILL principles. At The Hill we are committed to using all of the positive elements of sport to help to create our school culture while taking the lessons from sport to shape our student-athletes. Our unique and challenging academic environment and commitment to challenge, inspire and support our student-athletes results in a school that is second to none.

Why work at The Hill?

  • An inspirational culture that values everyone and creates a family atmosphere

  • Join a working environment with outstanding and motivated faculty, coaches, staff and leadership team

  • Engaged and dedicated student-athletes who are driven to succeed

  • Supported professional learning and growth opportunities

  • Comprehensive compensation and benefits package for all employees

Current Career Opportunities

We currently have opportunities for


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