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Mitch Marcher The Hill Academy


"The Hill Academy definitely helped me get to the NHL. It’s an atmosphere where everyone wants to be at their best." ~ Mitch Marner

Laura Stacey The Hill Academy


"The Hill Academy helped me as an athlete by putting me in an environment where I was constantly going up against some of the best athletes in the world." ~Laura Stacey

Cole Perfetti The Hill Academy


“The Hill prepared me academically and athletically in a number of ways. With days starting at 8am and not getting home until 5pm, the Hill schedule prepared me for the time management skills required to balance academics and OHL hockey. The small class sizes and accountability each student-athlete had ensured that you were successful and built a solid base for moving to the next level. The Hill school day (working out, skating, and going to class), also mimics the day-to-day life of an OHL player."  ~Cole Perfetti

Shane Wright The Hill Academy


"I was a student athlete at the Hill Academy for 3 years, for grades 7, 8, and 9.  Those were some of the best years of my life, I made some great friends there, and I think the Hill Academy did a great job setting me up for success.  They pushed me to be the best I could be, and to always try to make myself be better.  From the coaches, to the gym, to the classroom, they are always trying to get the most out of their students, and they were never complacent with where the students were at with were their skill levels.  I think the Hill Academy really helped me grow as a person and I don't think I'd be as successful as I am without having those years at the Hill Academy." ~Shane Wright

Gino Colangelo The Hill Academy


“From my time at The Hill, I learned a lot about myself and even life skills. The Hill really pushed me to hold myself accountable and have very high expectations for myself. I learned how to come out of my comfort zone and really be a leader in all aspects; starting from the ice, the gym, and even the classroom by being comfortable, being uncomfortable. I believe The Hill has made a major impact on my hockey development and has given me tons of opportunities for success in the near future. From the teachers, coaches, my teammates, and fellow classmates, a special bond has been created as well as friendships that will last a long time. My two years went by in a blink of an eye, which made me never take a single day for granted at The Hill, just enjoy every second of it."  ~Gino Colangelo

Liam Dennison The Hill Academy


“The 3 years I spent at the Hill Academy were a great stepping stone that helped to prepare me for junior and college hockey. The memories and friendships I built while attending the Hill are something that will last a lifetime.” ~Liam Dennison

Kevin Guiltinan The Hill Academy


“There are many things about my experience at The Hill Academy that made my success possible. From the support network of teachers, coaches, teammates, house dons and everyone else involved in the H.I.L.L. way, there was never a time that I felt alone or out of place. Not many schools can provide an atmosphere in which students are legitimately excited for the challenges and opportunities that The Hill provides. The moment I stepped on the ice at The Hill, a learning process began. However, the environment off the ice fostered success as well. Surrounded by individuals all striving for excellence, I was driven to grow as a person and as a student- athlete. Every day I woke up to an environment where everybody truly cared for each other and wanted nothing but the best.

The thing that I took away from my experience at The Hill was not just an expansion of the H.I.L.L acronym, but rather a way to prepare myself for success. One quote that came to define my Hill experience was “With great opportunity comes great responsibility.” A major part of this was time management. Moving to a new school and a new home is not easy. I quickly came to the realization that it is vital to have a plan and I believe this learning experience effectively put me one step ahead of my peers, preparing me for success in any environment. Many individuals whom I have met during my year of junior hockey and my time here at school simply do not know how to balance the demands of being a student athlete. They constantly find themselves late for meetings, cramming for tests, pulling all nighters for assignments and effectively limiting their abilities. At The Hill, the small class size means each and every student is forced to engage in the learning experience and push themselves to the full extent of their abilities. All of the staff teach students time management skills, and in doing so prepare them for success.

In retrospect, going to The Hill was undoubtedly the best possible use of my senior year of high school and helped to prepare me for success in academics and athletics. Ultimately, just being in a setting in which everyone was striving for and achieving excellence brought out the best characteristics in myself. The life skills, values, relationships, and great times I had at The HIll enabled me to take steps toward my future that would have been impossible in any other environment. The last “L” of the H.I.L.L acronym stands for legacy, and I can truly say that The Hill has left a lifelong legacy with me.”  ~Kevin Guiltinan

Dyson Williams The Hill Academy


“With a top level academic, athletic, and social environment, The Hill provided me with plenty of experience that prepared me for the next level. Being surrounded by like-minded peers at The Hill helped me acheive my goal of becoming a Blue Devil."  ~Dyson Williams

Jeff Henrick The Hill Academy


“I had the privilege of spending four years at The Hill Academy.  I graduated in 2016 and I can honestly say that I would not change this experience for the world. The memories that I made through this time I will remember for a lifetime. The people that I have met, the relationships that I have made, and the person that I have become can all be credited to The Hill Academy."  ~Jeff Henrick

Jeff Teat The Hill Academy


"The Hill taught me how to handle a busy schedule. Throughout the day you have practice, class, and lift, which is very similar to University, so by the time I got to Cornell I was prepared to step into a very competitive program."  ~Jeff Teat

Aurora Cordingly The Hill Academy


"The teachers and coaches at The Hill understand the drive and dedication required of their student body and push its athletes to their highest potential. This created an environment of success and commitment, which allowed me to transition seamlessly to college. I am humbled to wear the 45 and all it represents every day."  ~Aurora Cordingley

Holly Lloyd


"Attending the Hill Academy for my last two years of high school was a pivotal decision that changed my lacrosse career forever. The lessons I learned about the importance of discipline, dedication, and leadership are things that I have carried with me through the entirety of my college career. Without my Hill experience, I would not be the teammate and leader that I am today."  ~Holly Lloyd

Quintin Hoch-Bullen


"Attending The Hill Academy was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in my life. The day to day is a hard schedule that fully prepares you to go into a college sport schedule smoothly. I wouldn’t have felt as comfortable or prepared mentally and athletically going to college if I didn’t attend the Hill. I made amazing memories and friendships I will have for the rest of my life. The tight knit community of the Hill family makes you feel welcome and involved as soon as you arrive. I will always remember my time at the Hill as one that helped shape me into the person I am today."  ~Quintin Hoch-Bullen

Parent Testimonials

“The Hill Academy has done a fantastic job of creating a culture of discipline, effort, accountability, and pride that is apparent in the classroom as well as on the field. The excellence that their teams display on the rinks and fields is a by-product of that culture. It’s the kind of school I would have loved to attend as a young athlete and what a pleasure it is to see your child genuinely excited about education.”

~Brian Shanahan

“The Hill Academy has not only provided our son, Matthew, with a wonderful educational experience, but the Hill has also supported his passion for hockey. Matthew has always said that he wished he could attend a school where the teachers understood how much hockey means to him. He was always an honor student, but was often frustrated when his teachers didn’t support him when he was away for hockey tournaments. The Hill on the other hand, has a program to accommodate a student athlete so they can achieve their academic goals while pursuing their passion for a sport. The Hill has brought Matthew’s academic performance to a new level. He is motivated to go to school everyday because his schedule incorporates both academics and hockey as well as off ice training specific to hockey. Matthew has many academic and athletic accomplishments this school year that evidence the Hill’s commitment to student-athletes. The Hill provides him with “everything” in one place. He has grown and matured in so many ways and this is a true testament to the leaders at the Hill Academy. Thank you for your investment in our son!”

~Phil and Christine Lane

“The Hill Academy shaped and guided our son, Jake, from his transition of a teenager to his young adulthood due to the instilment of their core values which are discipline, hard work, respect, teamwork. It also gave him the foundation to strengthen himself both physically and emotionally. Most importantly he has made great friends who we know will be there to support each other in years to come. Good job to everyone at the Hill! Best of luck to all of you in your coming years. Make sure you save a spot for our grandchildren!”

~The Wilkinson Family


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