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On Campus Living at The Hill Academy

ON CAMPUS LIVING allows our student-athletes the opportunity to live in a comfortable environment, develop skills that will prepare them for post secondary life, while fostering lifelong friendships, memories and bonds with peers from around the world.  The On Campus Living Program is based on the H.I.L.L principles.


Our On Campus Living Program is led by our Director of Residence who lives on site with our student-athletes.  The Director will implement a robust social, athletic, and academic schedule.  This structured on campus living setting is an opportunity for students to reach their highest level of achievement socially and emotionally.


Student-athletes living on campus will have a nightly mandatory study-hall.  Students will have the option to study in our flex-spaces or in their rooms with an open door policy.  Staff living on campus will be available to check in on students during study-hall and provide support when needed.  Study-hall is a great way to prepare for “the next level”.  It cultivates and strengthens independent thought and self confidence.


Our On Campus Program creates a unique camaraderie outside of sports teams and the classroom.  Students will live, study, and partake in activities and events together.  Leadership skills are cultivated and strengthened by living as an integrated group. 


On Campus Living students will be given the opportunity to give back to their community outside of the school setting.  Building a lasting legacy in the community.

Student Life at The Hill Academy
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