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The Hill Academy Newsletter- October 4th, 2020

HILL Message (from Athletic Director Brodie Merrill):

One date I had circled on my calendar as we transitioned to our new campus was the Terry Fox Run. We knew with the fall foliage it would be a cool setting for the run. Credit to Coach Magnan and the PG Leadership class for facilitating a great day. The trail was perfect for the run and it was a beautiful fall day in Caledon. 

A story I like to tell before every Terry Fox run is about my best friend growing up Kyle Miller. When I moved to Orangeville at 8 years old, Kyle was one of the first people I met. The cool thing about joining a sports team is that it gives you an “in” to meet new friends. It was neat that I was from Montreal, Kyle from Orangeville, but we had so much in common--especially our passion for sports.

The relationship grew and we got tighter. I can recall one year playing on a hockey team where we had a hard, disciplinarian coach that believed in carrying a small roster, and being the most well conditioned team. Kyle and I were the only two centres that he carried—It was the most fun year of hockey because we always doubled shifted! With that role came responsibility and our Coach held us to a high standard for the shape we were in. We would have hard conditioning drills every practice and I can still remember Kyle and I being competitive and neck and neck in every conditioning drill. We pushed each other to levels that we didn’t think possible. I had never been more tired in trying to keep up with Kyle!

We both went