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Hill Junior School: Weekly Parent Information

Literacy/ Social Science

This week's task for the grade 7/8s was completing the final concluding paragraph. The student will continue to edit their creations. Almost all of the students took the offer to meet one-on-on over Zoom to go over their essays. Students are reminded to have their questions ready! I'm all available next week for support and to make this a writing piece you're proud of.  The 7/8's finished the week getting together via HouseParty after a student request during a Zoom check in. What a nice feeling to be able to still connect with pals.  Both classes joined a Zoom check-in to review the letters that they worked on last week. Students were posed the question: How does knowing your audience impact your writing? I hope you were able to mail these letters to make someone's day.  The grade 5/6s have started The Hunger Games. Students are succumbing to the suspense of the chapter endings and are being pulled to the next. They were asked to use their imagination after reading/listening to the first five chapters, to devise their own Hunger Games strategy. Some students considered great details such as water and edible forest plants, their own size and strength, as well as to consider allies.