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The Hill Academy Newsletter- September 13th, 2020

Welcome to Year Fifteen!

We are honoured and excited to have so many new and returning members of the Hill Family. The goal is to strive for growth and improvement through all the experiences over the course of the year. We want this to be a transformational experience for the students and our staff is committed to challenge and support the students through this process.

This past week, we introduced the HILL core values which will keep the student-athletes accountable academically, athletically and personally. It was very special seeing the campus in action this past week with students participating in various orientation activities. Hill students this year have the unique opportunity to be the first group on a new campus and we are looking forward to a great year!


Quote of the Week:

"You're never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true." 

Richard Bach, Illusions


Other Notes and Important Information:

COVID-19 Protocols:

In order to facilitate in-person academics and athletics in a safe and responsible way, there are various health and safety protocols. These protocols are an adjustment for everyone and require reminders on a consistent basis. We strongly encourage you to re-emphasize the importance of these protocols with your son or daughter.

Here are some notes from this past week:

  • To reduce contact surfaces and line ups, students are to arrive at school with a full water bottle (ideally around 1 Litre). Again, it is strongly encouraged that all water bottles are labeled with the students' name.

  • Students will not have access to a microwave at lunch to heat up their food.

  • Students are NOT permitted to share food or school supplies (chargers, pencils, etc.).

  • Students must be wearing a clean mask and must be wearing their masks correctly. Here is further information on How to Safely Wear and Take Care of Masks.

COVID-19: Daily Screen:

The Daily Screen is to be completed prior to arriving on campus everyday. Our screening app will text the numbers submitted on the Google Form last week at 6:15am with the screening survey to complete. In the screen, it will ask for temperature; so you will require a thermometer. If you have any questions regarding the daily screen or would like to change the contact information, please email Drazen Glisic.

For students travelling on a bus to school, they are to show a screenshot of the completed screen to the bus driver.

Secondary School Schedule This Week:

Secondary students are following the Non-athletic day schedule all week long.

A reminder that secondary students are not on campus on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday and Tuesday, students are expected to log on to their classes remotely and synchronously following the Non-Athletic Day schedule.

Non-Athletic Day Schedule:

Period 1: 8:15am- 9:45am

Period 2: 9:50- 11:20am

Period 3: 12:35pm- 2:05pm

Period 4: 2:10- 3:40pm

Course Changes:

Please note that we will aim to satisfy requests in regards to course changes before Monday 4:00pm. However, our priority is safety in class sizes, so we will defer to the next logical solution when creating timetables for our student-athletes. Please email with questions or concerns.


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