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2019-2020 Gala Recap

Thank you for joining us for The Hill Academy Year-End Gala!

If you were unable to join us, the links to the full event as well as the year-end highlight videos are listed below:

2019-2020 Awards Recipients

U18 Prep Hockey Awards:

  • Offensive Player of the Year: James Johnston

  • Defensive Player of the Year: Ricards Landmanis

  • 18-45 Award: Max Morris

  • Growth Award: Ben Lambert and Yaroslav Lazarev

  • Most Valuable Player: Gino Colangelo

U16 Prep Hockey Awards:

  • Offensive Player of the Year: Josh Ziliotto

  • Defensive Player of the Year: James Norton

  • 18-45 Award: Jack Natyshak

  • Growth Award: Matteo Siciliano

  • Most Valuable Player: Josh Ziliotto

Varsity Hockey Awards:

  • Junior Offensive Players of the Year: Bo Dean and Riley Sorokan

  • Senior Offensive Player of the Year: Lorenzo Bonaiuto

  • Defensive Player of the Year: Michael Buchinger

  • 18-45 Award: Nicholas Messina

  • Growth Award: Carey Terrance Jr.

  • Junior Most Valuable Player: Carter Frost

  • Senior Most Valuable Player: Matthew Poitras

Girls Lacrosse Awards:

  • Defensive Player of the Year: Cassidy Eckert

  • Offensive Player of the Year: Kylea Dobson

  • Growth Award: Raegan Wilson

  • Jammer Award: Madalyn Baxter

  • Most Valuable Player: Annabel Child

  • Legacy Award: Cassidy Eckert

  • Lacrosse Award: Kylea Dobson

Boys Lacrosse Junior Varsity Awards:

  • Teammate Award: Andrew Scarlett

  • Defensive Players of the Year: Brian Husted and Zach Richards

  • Offensive Player of the Year: Cameron Sanderson

  • Growth Award: Jake Argue

  • Jammer Award: Jaden Ciappara

  • Most Valuable Player: Riley Simpson

Boys Lacrosse Varsity Awards:

  • Teammate Award: Owen Wills

  • Defensive Player of the Year: Ethan Corby

  • Offensive Player of the Year: Eric McDonald

  • Growth Award: Jack Bucknell

  • Jammer Award: Michael Billings

  • Most Valuable Player: Bowie Horsman

Boys Lacrosse Prep Awards:

  • Teammate Award: Ethan Harkins and Ryan Olan

  • Defensive Player of the Year: Jack Follows

  • Offensive Player of the Year: Alex Gaston-Richardson

  • Growth Award: Mitchell Sandberg

  • Jammer Award: Curtis Goddard

  • Legacy Award: Cameron Acchione and Matthew Acchione

  • Lacrosse Award: Jack Follows

Strength and Conditioning Awards:

  • Middle School: Bo Dean and Curtis McArthur

  • Junior: Zoey Kruger and Nicholas Messina

  • Senior: Bryar Hogg and Austin Mitchell- King

Pride Awards: 

  • Jr. School Proficiency: Curtis McArthur

  • Jr. School Pride: Riley Sorokan

  • Grade 9:Hattie Manser 

  • Grade 10: Nicholas Messina

  • Grade 11: Josh Ziliotto and Jack Natyshak

  • Grade 12: Kylea Dobson

All Academic Team: Student-athletes with an average of 90% and over: 

Bo Dean

Karver Dean

Carter Frost

Curtis McArthur

Andrew Scarlett

Riley Sorokan

Colton Woods

Denver Barkey

Michael Billings

Annabel Child

Gino Colangelo

Montgomery Cook

Kylea Dobson

Sebastien Elie

Andrea Fisher

Connor Haynes

Bryar Hogg

Lucas Hucal

Marcia Inacio

Sarah Kee

Abby Lee

Luke Macpherson

Grace Manser

Hattie Manser

Nicholas Messina

Jack Natyshak

Emma Nelson

Alexandra Nesbitt

Myles Newport

Matthew Poitras

Mitchell Sandberg

Dante Siciliano

Iman Siddiqi

Carey Terrance Jr

Matthew Vilas

Raegan Wilson

Character Awards:

ELL Award: Aydar Suniev

Toni Delmonte Award: Tyler Tyczka

Evan Frustaglio Award: Bo Dean and Carter Frost

 Jamieson Kuhlmann Award: Bryar Hogg 

 Post Graduate Award: Curtis Goddard and Raegan Wilson

Leadership Award: Mitchell Sandberg

A big thank you to all staff, students, and parents for making the 2019-2020 year a great one!

Have a wonderful summer!


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