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The Hill Academy 2020-2021: Return to Campus

Dear Hill Academy Students and Families,

The faculty, staff and coaches have had a wonderful week preparing for the opening of the new campus. We are all very excited to have students fill the building with the energy that they bring every day. Of course, one of the main topics of discussion is how we are going to do this as safely as possible for all students.

There are a few challenges that we face as we attempt to keep the students isolated in their cohort and limit any possible interactions. This includes our morning arrival routine, transition times, washroom breaks, lunch time and access to change rooms. Of course, we have planned all of this in theory, but until we have students in the building it is difficult to finalize any of these plans.

An additional challenge in the Senior school is student course selection and timetable adjustments that will need to be made. In order to ensure that this process is done as safely as possible, we will be following an online process that is outlined below. Typically, in the first couple of days within a semester, there are about 50 timetable changes, and this will impact classroom assignments and transition plans.

Transitioning to athletics also presents a set of challenges as we must get students into change rooms, storage areas, and on and off buses with as little interaction with other cohorts as possible.

Taking all of this into consideration, we have decided on the following schedule as a progressive return to school and athletics: