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The Hill Academy Newsletter- April 11th, 2021

April 11th, 2021 HILL Message (from Academic Director Rick Kunc): We hope that everyone has a safe and relaxing Spring Break. These have been a difficult few weeks for our community and we look forward to welcoming everyone back on campus on April 19th. Take care!

Quote of the Week: I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once. - Ashleigh Ellwood Brilliant - author and syndicated cartoonist ___________________________________________________________________________

Other Notes and Important Information: Power School Parent Portal and Midterm Reports Please note that the Power School Parent Portal will be shut down during the Spring Break while teachers prepare midterm reports. Reports will be distributed on Thursday, April 22nd. Register Now for Hill Academy Summer Camps! Summer camp registration is now open! Hill students will receive 30% off camp fees. Space is limited. Visit to learn more. Parent/Teacher Interviews Save the date. We will be holding online parent/teacher meetings on Monday, April 26th during the day (this will be a remote day for both junior and secondary students) and Thursday, April 29th during the evening. More information including the booking process will be coming out soon. Senior and Post Grad Quotes Just a reminder to seniors and postgrads to email your quotes for the yearbook as soon as possible to Mr. Tooley: Ontario Literacy Test 2021 (OSSLT) The EQAO has released the following statement: “EQAO will be field testing the online Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) from March 2021 until June 2021.” We have not received any information about how this will affect our students but will continue to keep you up to date if we are granted access to these tests. Graduation Requirements 2020-2021 Students who plan to graduate in June 2021 must complete a minimum of 20 hours of community involvement (reduced from 40 hours). There will be a list posted on Ms. Flynn’s door showing which students still need to complete their community involvement hours this week. Students must have their hours into Guidance before May 25th, 2021. Mental Health Resources There are a lot of valuable resources available to families who are navigating this unusual time together. One such resource is the CMH page on COVID-19 Mental Health response found here. Our staff is also available and we encourage students or families to reach out to us. We are also building onto our Wellness Resources on the Guidance website here

HILL Athletics (From Athletic Director Brodie Merrill): It’s easy to disregard the need for time off considering we have been restricted so much from activity. This pandemic has created a weight we all feel in some form. This April break can hopefully be a time to decompress, detach from school responsibilities, reset, and prepare ourselves for the home stretch of the school year. An athlete’s pursuit never ends, but the pace and cadence can change. The goal is to create a healthy balance/harmony with your sport. I encourage you to enjoy some unstructured, free, fun time with your sport. Also, if you’d prefer, feel free to set it aside for a few days. That’s okay too. Below is some feedback on the past week from some of the coaches: “This week we focused on fundamentals and had lots of opportunities for the girls to get outside and have their stick in their hands. It has been great to see the girls putting in work at home, and using this opportunity to grow both physically and mentally.” -Alexis Deaken, Girls Lacrosse “We had Brianne Jenner on to speak with the hockey program before she heads to women’s world championships. She talked about staying focused on little daily goals to get through this long crazy year instead of always focusing on the long term outcome.” -Coach MacLean, Varsity Hockey “Good participation. Proud of how the boys are handling unpredictable times. Announced Cam Sanderson, Lucas Lawas, Jaxon Smart and Riley Simpson as captains for varsity. Announced Donny Scott as our first ever JV captain. All of these young men demonstrate on a daily basis what it means to be a Hill student-athlete. All within their respective ways are prime examples of that. Whether it’s on the field, in the classroom or how they carry themselves on a day to day basis. Congratulations!” -Coach Magnan, Varsity/JV Lacrosse “Another productive week handling adversity, continuing to grow and staying connected as a team.” -Coach O’Connor, Prep Lacrosse “The prep hockey staff took some time to conduct individual meetings this past week and send players off into the spring break. It will be a good opportunity to get some much needed rest, especially mentally.” -Coach Wight, Prep Hockey “This week consisted of reviewing our virtual expectations and challenging ourselves to do everything with a purpose.” -Coach Willman, Junior School Lacrosse “We were hit with a bit of a road bump with the unexpected transition to remote learning, however, students maintained a positive outlook and stayed engaged. Reflecting on this entire school year, the resilience and adaptability our student-athletes have shown is impressive and we’re looking forward to a strong finish!” -Coach Glisic, Strength and Conditioning


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