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The Hill Academy Newsletter- April 4th, 2021

April 4th, 2021 HILL Message (from Academic Director Rick Kunc): This week I struggled with what to write for the HILL message. This was a tough one. It feels like our will and our character are being tested. It has been a long year and just when we felt like we were coming out the other side of this pandemic, we have a positive case at school and then the provincial announcement about the "Emergency Brake". These are the tests of our character. It is a test of our culture. We were excited about decreased restrictions and of course the possibility of games. Unfortunately, so much of this is out of our control that we feel like it is being done to us. So, we have another chance to take control of what we can control, wear our masks, don’t gather in large groups, etc….and take this opportunity to have our character and culture shine. Let us be our best and show our community that we can do this. We all hope that you are enjoying the long weekend in a safe and responsible way.

Quote of the Week: The measure of a [person]'s real character is what [they] would do if [they] knew [they] would never be found out. -Thomas Babington Macaulay ____________________________________________________________________________

Other Notes and Important Information: Tuesday Morning Assembly: There is a Tuesday morning assembly. Secondary students will tune in by clicking the Microsoft Teams link below at 8:30 am: Tuesday Morning Assembly Ontario "Emergency Brake": Update The Ontario Government announced a province-wide "Emergency Brake" starting this past Saturday. The Hill Academy campus will remain open for in-person instruction. Followi