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The Hill Academy Newsletter- March 14th, 2021

March 14th, 2021 HILL Message (from Academic Director Rick Kunc): Wow! Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Townhall meeting last Tuesday night. We had over 130 families log on and I know that there were others that wanted to join us but were not able to. We did record the session, however, because I did not log out correctly, the video is currently 4 hours long. Once we can get it edited down to the proper length, we will share it. As we have been planning the event, the value of communication was ever-present. We communicate every day through our words (both written and spoken) and through our actions. Our body language and how we behave communicates to others all of the time. (With everyone wearing a mask, I really miss seeing people smile.) Direct communication is easy, but subtle communication is equally as important. When I thought about this in the context of our students, I reflected on our program and how we ask students to advocate for themselves. As we aspire to help our students to be independent, they must be their own best advocate. We must help them to find their voice to ask for help when they need it and to understand they are communicating all of time. And it is equally important for us to teach students how to receive many different forms of communication. This is not just teaching students how to listen, but how to read the room. How to observe subtle forms of communication. In the classroom this might include seeing the tension in a classmate as they struggle to understand something. On the field this might be “feeling” momentum starting to swing against your team. Both examples require us to receive this communication so we can do something with it. And that is also important. Communication is a message sent, a message received, and then the actions or the non actions that we then take in response. Communication is so critical to us understanding each other, knowing how to help each other, and in bringing a community together.

Quote of the Week: “Some things are said and never heard; some things are heard but never said.” -Uknown. ____________________________________________________________________________

Other Notes and Important Information: Register Now for Hill Academy Summer Camps! Summer camp registration is now open! Hill students will receive 30% off camp fees. Space is limited. Visit to learn more. Wear Green on the 17th! Students are encouraged to wear green on Wednesday, March 17th for St Patrick’s Day! Ontario Literacy Test 2021 (OSSLT) The EQAO has released the following statement: “EQAO will be field testing the online Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) from March 2021 until June 2021.” We have not received any information about how this will affect our students but will continue to keep you up to date if we are granted access to these tests. Monday Morning Assembly: There is a Monday morning assembly. Secondary students will tune in by clicking the Microsoft Teams link below at 8:30 am: Monday Morning Assembly Graduation Requirements 2020-2021 The Ministry of Education has changed two of the requirements for students who are planning to graduate in 2020-2021. Graduating students for the 2020-2021 school year: are not required to complete the literacy graduation requirement must complete a minimum of 20 hours of community involvement (reduced from 40 hours) Guidance at The Hill Academy A reminder to visit the Guidance website HERE. In the next few weeks, the Guidance team will be providing reports for students to track their graduation progress. Individual meetings will be held with students to review graduation progress and post-secondary goals. Feel free to contact with any questions or concerns. Spring Weather Clothing As the weather gets warmer, we will continue to embrace opportunities to be outside. Students are reminded to have footwear for both the indoors and outdoors. As well as masks for indoor and outdoor activities. Mental Health Resources There are a lot of valuable resources available to families who are navigating this unusual time together. One such resource is the CMH page on COVID-19 Mental Health response found here. Our staff is also available and we encourage students or families to reach out to us. We are also building onto our Wellness Resources on the Guidance website here Absences Just a reminder that all attendances are to be reported to Please make sure to note the reason for your absence. Daily Covid-19 Screening The Kinduct Covid-19 screen must be completed every morning prior to coming on to campus. All students with at least one symptom of COVID-19, even mild symptoms, must stay home, self-isolate, and are recommended to get tested. Household members, including siblings, also must self-isolate while the symptomatic child is awaiting test results. This will catch COVID-19 infections even sooner and help keep our school open for all children. If your child is staying home with a symptom, you need to notify attendance and you will receive follow-up information regarding the course of action that is required. We thank everyone for their cooperation in keeping our campus safe. Visitors on Campus We have a new screening process for all visitors to campus, including parents coming into the building. When you come to the main entrance, there is a QR code to scan and fill out a Covid-19 Screening form. This must be completed prior to entering the building. Once this is complete please let Ms. Bush know and sign the visitor log. We appreciate your cooperation in completing this.

HILL Athletics (From Athletic Director Brodie Merrill): It’s really hard to navigate being the parent of an athlete. We want what is best for our kids, but the emotions of sport colliding with the emotions of parenting can at times impact clarity of judgment. I’m certainly not an expert, but for what it is worth, here are some pieces of advice I’ve picked up over the years coaching at The Hill (and now being a parent of young kids in starting in sports). -Be aware of how you communicate with your coaches. Respect boundaries. It’s ok to ask questions, but maintain respect, professionalism, and be mindful of their personal life and personal time. Your positivity and support go a long way in making the experience a good one for the coach and in turn your child’s experience as a player. We are in this together. -Prepare do not protect. In many situations our first instinct is to save our child. Learning how to deal with the adversities of sport is where the good stuff is. Be the life raft for when your child gets caught in an undertow, but don’t be afraid to let your child paddle through the wavy water. They are capable of a lot—empower, encourage them to overcome obstacles and challenges. -Do not take it personally! If you child is excelling in sports does not make you a great parent and if your child is struggling in sport does not make you are a bad parent! Separate sport from your identity and your child’s identity. Try not to project your personal goals on them. Sports are a platform for growth and an outlet for fun. It’s important for your child to have balance and interests outside of sport to maintain a positive, healthy perspective. -Lead by example. If you are active, eating well, living a healthy, active lifestyle, being positive/optimistic, your child will follow suit. If wondering how you can help, your actions speak louder than words! -Enjoy the run! We all know how fast it goes, enjoy this time and create some positive memories you can look back on and be proud of. -Be an involved regards to the process, not the results. Hold your child to a high standard for things that revolve around character. Focus your attention and support towards developing good habits—their game will work out the way it should. -Be kind to yourself. We all make mistakes, there is no perfect blue print. Like we stay to our players, keep striving for continuous improvement. The Hill is a community and parents are an integral part of the community. It’s a powerful dynamic when we are all pushing in the same direction. To the players. You can show your love and gratitude by doing your very best—no more, no less.


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