The Hill Academy Newsletter- November 1st, 2020

November 1st, 2020 HILL Message (from Academic Director Rick Kunc): It is hard to believe that November is here. Where did those 2 months go? I had the great pleasure of talking with 3 of our senior female lacrosse players this week. Annabel, Andrea, and Brooklyn were kind enough to drop in and chat about being a student at The Hill, and what they loved about the experience. They even gave me a few tips on how to make it even better.  So let’s start with that. Getting better. That is what is at the core of Highest Level of Achievement. It isn’t about being the best, it is about being your best. And the girls shared so many examples of how during their time at the Hill they have been supported in being their best. They shared how in the gym, everyone gathers around you and cheers you on to lift your personal best. And they celebrate when you do. They shared how this challenge to be your best is part of the culture of the Hill. That it is cool to be a “try hard” and that they know that everyone is happy to see you succeed and supports you when you do not. And what resonated the most with me was that they said this culture of pushing each other does not come at the expense of friendships, teamwork, or culture. They said that “everyone runs their own race” and that means that everyone can celebrate the success of each of their teammates and classmates, while together the work toward their team goals. It was an amazing conversation.   In the classroom being your best requires engagement. We measure success by grades, but I wish we measured it by what you learned. There is a difference. A grade is a measurement at a moment in time. Learning stays with us and makes us better. It helps to make us the best person we can be. Our challenge as a faculty is to find ways to engage students in the subject area we love. The challenge that we put to our students, is to engage. Come to class ready to be your best, and to be pushed to be even better. That is how we reach our highest level of achievement.  And of course, the girls challenged us at The Hill and me specifically. In their eyes, to be even better academically, we must add some more girls to our population, we must add to our course offerings in high school and we must continue to develop our academic program to ensure that it is the best program, (the best teachers, strategies, professional development and results) in the country.   Challenged received ladies. Thanks Annabel, Andrea and Brooklyn for the honesty and the conversation. You are welcome back for a chat anytime.  Quote of the Week: