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The Hill Academy Newsletter- September 27th, 2020

HILL Message:

This week, along with schools and communities across Canada, we will be participating in the 40th Anniversary of Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope. 

Terry Fox is a true Canadian hero as an athlete, humanitarian and activist. On his run to raise money and awareness for cancer research, he ran the equivalent of a marathon a day for 143 days; which was an incredible accomplishment. Terry ultimately succumbed to this terrible and widespread disease, that has touched so many near to all of us. 

One of the L's in the HILL acronym stands for Legacy. His legacy continues to be a large part of Canadian culture. Every year, schools across the country honour his legacy through an organized run. 


Quote of the Week:

"Dreams are made possible if you try." 

Terry Fox


Other Notes and Important Information:

Terry Fox Run:

This message is from the PG Leadership class. On Thursday, October 1st, The Hill Academy will participate in the annual Terry Fox run. Students will be participating in the event during their designated gym period. The period will start with a presentation about Terry Fox and the importance of the event, then students will warm up with the gym coaches, and then run through the campus. Students are advised to be prepared for any kind of weather and to bring their best effort.

The PG class will be collecting donations all week in person and via e-transfer. The email for the e-transfer is: ​​. If you send money via e transfer please send a message saying, “Terry Fox”, and make the password “terryfox” (no spaces and all lower case). We are looking forward to having a great day. See you all there!

Orange Shirt Day:

It is Orange Shirt Day on Wednesday, September 30th. Every student is encouraged to wear an orange shirt to school. The purpose of this day is to educate and raise awareness of the Indigenous residential school system and the impact it has had on Indigenous communities for over a century. On this day we acknowledge that every child matters and is important.

Daily Attendance:

If your son or daughter is absent, you are to email: In your email, please state the reasoning for why the student is not on-campus. If an email has not been received, the absence will be recorded as un-excused and you will receive a notification.

Students being picked up throughout the day for appointments, etc must notify the night before.

If a student and/ or anyone in their household are experiencing symptoms; students are not to come on campus. Students have been trained on the Hy-Flex model and can tune into their classes remotely or complete their coursework asynchronously.

Allergies/Health history

All students who have serious and/or life-threatening allergies must report those allergies to our administration. In order to make sure we have the appropriate staff alerted, please email christy.flynn@thehillacdemy with the student's name, specific allergy and reaction as well whether or not the student has an epi-pen (and/or other medicines) with them during the school day. 

Fire Drill

The Hill Academy will have a fire drill on Wednesday, September 30th. This will be done in accordance with the health and safety regulations put forth from the Ministry of Education. Students will be released in small groups to familiarize them with the process.


HILL Athletics

This week was another reminder of the power of sport. The joy and enthusiasm has been tangible watching our students back in action. Current circumstances has provided perspective. A window of time has been taken away from our athletes. It reminds us that it is a privilege to be able to participate in the sports that we love. Seize every moment you have to be healthy and able to play. Resist any urge you have to complain about the trivial challenges of your sport. A common line we use at The Hill: “You don’t want to play, you don’t have to play, you GET to play!”. This is hopefully a line that will resonate with our students and serve as a reminder when the adversity of the game presents itself. 

Below are the standards of our Athletic Program. This can serve as a road map for success at The Hill. In the early stages of the year the coaches will be very tight with details in establishing our culture and how we do things.

  • Hill Athletes respect their coaches. Respect the coach’s line of authority. Act professionally and use appropriate language around your coaches.

  • Hill Athletes are early. “To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is to be forgotten.” Give yourself at least a ten minute buffer for departures and team meetings. 

  • Hill Athletes dress in full uniform and equipment every practice. If not in full uniform with correct pinnie, or jersey, you will be asked to “Run The Hill”.

  • Hill Athletes complete daily screening before getting to the practice field, gym, class etc…

  • Hill Athletes do not use excuses. No “yeah buts! No palms up! Coaches will not accept excuses.

  • Hill Athletes have a plan dictated by doctor, or athletic therapist and communicate to coaches if injured.

  • Hill Athletes must email or text your head coach prior to practice if absent with the reason of the absence.

  • Hill Athletes must COMMIT. Fully embrace The Hill experience and everything that comes along with it.

  • Hill Athletes take ownership. If you have a question in regards to playing time, we want to hear from the player rather than the parent. Step up and learn to advocate for yourself. “Independent thought.”

  • Hill Athletes work hard in the weight room. Your strength and conditioning means a great deal to the coaches and has to mean a great deal to you. Know the meaning of “one more rep.” – 45.

  • Hill Lacrosse Athletes communicate. Hill coaches want to help. If you are having issues at the dorm, in class, need help with recruiting, etc. reach out to your coach. Our doors are always open to the players.

  • Hill Athletes care about nutrition. Do not eat fast food, drink pop, or eat junk on the road or at school. 

  • Hill Athletes use social media in an appropriate way. How do you want to be perceived?  How would a college/NHL coach view your social media image?

  • Hill Athletes leave any locker room better than they found it. Non-negotiable.

  • Hill Athletes put the nets away and collect the balls, pucks after every practice. Never allow your coach to do this.

  • Hill Athletes carry all the necessary documentation for road trips. Passports and travel insurance are mandatory every trip to the US.

  • Hill Athletes clean the bus, no matter how late we get home!

  • Hill Athletes are committed to academics and act professionally in the classroom. Your effort and behaviour will have an effect on your standing on the team. Breaking the rules outlined in student handbook can potentially have an effect your position on the team.

  • Hill Athletes serve the team. The team, the team, the team. “In a servant leadership culture we learn by choice or example that if we want to be great, we have to serve our teammates respectfully.”

  • Hill Athletes respect opponents, refs and opposing fans. WE focus on us. WE control what WE can.

  • Hill Athletes are prepared, proactive and organized.

This Week's Lacrosse Schedule:


Remote Non-Athletic Day (no practices).


Grade 9,10, 10 Boys Lacrosse: 8:15- 9:15am Practice @ Teen Ranch (helmets and gloves)

Grade 12, PG Boys Lacrosse: 9:45am- 10:45am Practice @ Teen Ranch (helmets and gloves)

Girls Lacrosse: 12:15pm- 1:15pm practice @ Alder


Grade 9,10, 10 Boys Lacrosse: 8:15- 9:15am Practice @ Teen Ranch (helmets and gloves)

Grade 12, PG Boys Lacrosse: 9:45am- 10:45am Practice @ Teen Ranch (helmets and gloves)

Girls Lacrosse: Team Session


Grade 9,10, 10 Boys Lacrosse: Team Session

Grade 12, PG Boys Lacrosse: Team Session

Girls Lacrosse: 12:15pm- 1:15pm practice @ Teen Ranch


Grade 9,10, 10 Boys Lacrosse: 8:15- 9:15am Practice @ Teen Ranch (helmets and gloves)

Grade 12, PG Boys Lacrosse: 9:45am- 10:45am Practice @ Teen Ranch (helmets and gloves)

Girls Lacrosse: 12:15pm- 1:15pm practice @ Teen Ranch

This Week's Hockey Schedule:


Remote Non-Athletic Day (no practices).

Prep ZOOM meeting @ 4:30PM

Meeting ID: 651 377 2631

Passcode: hill1845


Varsity Hockey: 8:15am- 9:15am Practice @ Teen Ranch

Prep Hockey: 8:30am- 9:30am Team Practice @ Alder Arena


Varsity Hockey: 8:15am- 9:15am Practice and Goalie Session @ Teen Ranch

Prep Hockey: 8:30am- 9:30am Goalie Session and Player Skill Practice @ Alder Arena


Varsity Hockey: 8:15am- 9:15am Practice @ Teen Ranch

Prep Hockey: 8:30am- 9:30am Goalie, Defence, and Forward Specific Practice @ Alder Arena


Varsity Hockey: Team Session (Meet in the Courtyard)

Prep Hockey: 8:30am- 9:30am Small Area Game and Competition Practice @ Alder Arena

**Please note that parents are NOT permitted inside the arenas during practice time.**


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