The Hill Academy 2020-2021: Start of School FAQs

Dear Hill Academy Students and Families,

The 2020-21 School Year is quickly approaching! We are really excited to kick off the inaugural year on our new campus. Over the course of the summer, our staff and faculty have been working to prepare for a return to in-person academic and athletic programming, as well as, continuing to provide the special HILL experience. A new year on a new campus will bring new moments of significance; however our culture and core values will always remain consistent.

First Week at the Hill:

While we are all excited to get the school year started, we want to ensure that we have addressed the many challenges that we will be facing this year with arriving at a new campus and dealing with COVID-19. To that end we have decided to do a graduated start to this school year. This plan will allow us to identify the needs of each student cohort and ensure that our best laid plans will work. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

The schedule for the first week will be the following:

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020: Grades 5-8 on-campus

Wednesday, September 9th, 2020: Grades 9-PG on-campus

Thursday, September 10th, 2020: All students on-campus

Friday, September 11th, 2020: Flex Day; no students on campus

Please note that there will not be sports practices during the first week of school. Students are not to bring their sports equipment on- campus for the first week.

What to bring/ wear for Day One on- campus at the Hill Academy:

  • Hill work out shorts and shirt and running shoes. Be prepared to be active and outside regardless of weather.

  • Water Bottle labeled with the student's name.

  • A moleskin journal or similar. This is very important. A smartphone/ iPad will not suffice. This is something that will be used frequently throughout the year, so a durable journal is highly recommended (i.e. no rings). Labelling the journal on the front cover with the student's name is recommended prior coming to school). 

School Supply Checklist:

Student- athletes at The Hill Academy need to be prepared, physically as well as mentally for the year ahead. While we work together to engage students in the HILL (Highest Level of Achievement, Independent Thinking, Leadership and Legacy) we need students to have the following before the start of class in September:

  • Laptop or Tablet and charger (The type of device is up to you, but it should have enough memory and capability to house several required Apps and Software. A smartphone will not suffice.) It is highly recommended that the charger is labelled. Sharing a charger on campus will not be permitted.

  • Scientific calculator, appropriate for use on tests and exams (specifically for students pursuing the math and science courses such as calculus and physics). A calculator on a phone or iPad will not be acceptable on tests and/or exams.

  • Head phones, pencils, pens, binders, notebooks and agendas. These items are not provided for the students but are used and/or recommended daily.

  • Supplementary materials such as coloured pencils, markers, highlighters, pencil sharpeners and rulers can be required for various subjects.

  • All students are required to wear a mask at school.

It is highly recommended that items such as chargers and calculators are labelled with the student's name. The sharing of any school supplies on campus will not be permitted.