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The Hill Academy Newsletter- May 10th, 2020

H.I.L.L. Message

During this time of campus closure, our student- athletes have been immersed in the H.I.L.L. culture and continue to thrive academically and athletically and maintain the meaningful relationships that are so integral to the Hill environment and experience. The Hill community has shown empathy, resilience and togetherness through this time of adversity and uncertainty. It truly speaks to the strength of the community and culture!

We would like to wish a Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers in the Hill community! We appreciate all that you do! Moms tend to be the unsung heroes for student-athletes, often behind the scenes, giving unconditional love and support (and at times stepping in between the pipes when needed!). We've seen first hand all the love and sacrifice from so many mothers in The Hill Community. Today is a great day for our student athletes to take care of the hands that take care of you and express your love and gratitude.

Life at the Hill and Upcoming Events

Exam Dates

Formal exams have been cancelled at The Hill Academy and have been replaced with alternative assessments. The exam dates that were set for June (June 11th, 12th, 15th and 16th) are now instructional days. Teachers will be available in their remote learning environments until June 16th and students are expected to continue to log in and receive instruction until that time. To be clear, the last day of class for The Hill Academy secondary school is June 16th, 2020 and while no formal exams will be written, teachers have assigned or will assign culminating tasks in each of their classes. Please note that the last day of class for The Hill Academy junior school is June 12th, 2020.  Feather Award Recipients: Congratulations to the following Semester Two Feather Award Recipients for maintaining the highest academic averages in their class at midterm!Writing a blog is a great way to position yourself as an authority in your field and captivate your readers’ attention. Do you want to improve your site’s SEO ranking? Consider topics that focus on relevant keywords and relate back to your website or business. You can also add hashtags (#vacation #dream #summer) throughout your posts to reach more people, and help visitors search for relevant content.

Morning Assembly

Coach Noble will be running a Monday morning assembly at 9:00am via Instagram Live. All students are expected to tune in to the @thehillacademy1845 instagram account at 9:00am for the weekly message, journal entry and challenge.


Hill Lacrosse and Hockey

Weekly Athletic Highlights: -Former NHL goalie and two time world junior gold medalist Jamie Storr was on a Zoom conference with our hockey players to reflect on his playing career, living with Wayne Gretzky, and life after hockey. -Adam Silva, Leadership Coach, finished the "core values" exercise with the lacrosse players asking the students to open up about areas of improvement.  It was cool to see the players open up, step outside their comfort zone, and put themselves out there. -Trevor Tierney, legendary lacrosse goalie, Princeton and Harvard graduate, and leadership consultant joined us live on Instagram to reflect on his experience in sport, his background in Psychology, and living a lifestyle that aligns with your goals in sport and life. -Live Zoom practices continue to go really well and we are discovering that there is a lot we can still do! Also, in addition to the Zoom practice, the players receive a prescribed practice plan to film and for the coaches to evaluate and provide feedback.  As Coach Kallay mentioned this week, this time has really provided the opportunity lean into the character and leadership side of development. What continues to be reinforced by our various accomplished guest speakers, is that mental and emotional health are key contributors to achieving peak performance. Areas you can't see or touch, but still require consistent nourishment, training and practice for improvement.


Hill Performance Coach Noble's challenge this week for our students was to do some form of community initiative with their designated groups. It's important now more than ever to care for others and ensure that we as a Hill community are making the environment around us a better place. Moving forward, coaches will be offering optional specialty workouts in addition to our Wednesday workouts. This allows for students who may have scheduling conflicts to have a coach supervised workout, as well as allow others to work on areas they feel need extra attention. Finally, students were responsible for doing a self-testing task this week which was max push-ups. All submissions for this week are to be handed in through google classroom, and testing data is to be submitted via TeamBuildr.


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